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Friday, August 31, 2007

Wouldn't you go to the movies if...

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She was the ticket taker? No.. we don't have too much time on our hands. What are you talking about? We needed a ticket taker! You don't want to be greeted on your way in? Of course you do. We got some nice looks out of it. :-)

But of course, she doesn't quite match the look. You can't have someone coming in to work wearing that! She's gotta look more professional. More movie theatre professional that is. Hmm.. how are we gonna do this? It was kinda tough, but we managed to do it. Before I get to that though....

Thanks to Adsense Tracker for the boost in traffic I got yesterday. I guess Stumbleupon is a pretty good source of traffic. I wonder if it is better than Digg. I don't know. Regardless I just had to take one look and bam, my hits were way up once I got stumbled. Maybe I will help stumble some people too! Has anyone used it before? If you like something you see here, Stumble It! I've even made it easy with tags near the bottom of my post! Right near the comments! Cmon! :-P

Anway, back to what we were doing. We had to make her fit the image that we're trying to give here at the theatre. What do you think? That uniform looks great on her! I actually had a few people who thought she was real.. lol.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch any of the movies last night. I heard that Halloween is pretty F'd up, and from what I saw of Death Sentence, it looks really good. It was really loud when I was in there. I really wish I had a chance to see them, but its a long weekend so I'll be sure to post updates as I see them.

Well, that's it for now, more after work tonight! See you at the movies! :-)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Let's Make Someone Famous: Skittle!

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Well, time for a new thing I'm gonna try to start doing here.. making someone else famous, and maybe hanging on to their heels as they rocket their way to stardom. This week, I feature Skittle!

Now who is Skittle? And how did I come to meet her in the blogosphere? Actually, I believe it was Skittle that found me! This actually makes me pretty interested in how she came about finding me. Maybe we can include that in an edit to this post, or Skittle can let me know herself! On to who she is...

Skittle, like me, is a blog addict. She says so herself! And like me, she's trying to make a little dinero off blogging. C'mon, its no risk to try, so why not right? She's also been looking for a house recently too, which is again, a lot like me! My family just bought a new home! Basically, if you're looking for a blog about a woman out there in the real world, workin in business, and bloggin in her spare time so we can share in her world, go check out Skittle! She really succeeds in keepin it real.

Alright everybody, let's give it up to the first blog that I'm making famous! If I've interested you in becoming famous, let me know and you can be my next feature. Movies are the only form of entertainment out there, blogs can be famous too! Now get out there and go support our inagural famous blog in becoming famous! Feel free to support me while you're at it! (You know how ;-P)

How Much is Your Blog Worth! (Volume 4)

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My blog is worth $16,936.20.
How much is your blog worth?

Woohoo! I did it again! I exceeded my goal for increase in worth! Well, I guess that it wasn't really that much more, but I'll take it. If only this money were real! Question for those of you who publish with adsense... have you been having much success? How about anything else you have tried.. has any of it worked? Matt, are you feelin the heat from this competition??

For those of you who have noticed, Intermission at Work has found a new home, at I decided to scrap the plan for hosting since its nearly impossible to move blogspot blogs through ftp, and even then I would lose all of my formatting, which I like. Hopefully all of you have found your way over here, don't forget to bring your friends!!!

Just found out we're screening both Death Sentence and Halloween tomorrow. I'll let you know if either one is spectacular or spectacularly crappy. Nothing on TV for me tonight so there's lots of blog reading to be done.. wish I could be watchin the Red Sox v. the Yankees. GO SOX!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Movies this Weekend!

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Hey everyone, and welcome to another edition of Movies this Weekend! I'm your host, Joe. Just kidding, but hey it seemed like a good way to start out a post. I've been experimenting with trying to get my website hosted, and I actually got some (I paid for it) but it seems like its difficult to do with blogspot blogs. Does anybody have any experience or opinions on this? I guess it would make more sense to host my own blog, but this makes it so easy I don't know if I'd want to try..... Well I'll at least look into it and will probably eventually do it, but not right now, unless one of you have an amazing tip for me! On to the movies!

Death Sentence - Starring Kevin Bacon. From the director of Saw, this is a psychological thriller in which a man witnesses something so powerful it changes him forever. Bacon's character realizes that there are great lengths that one will go to in order to protect his family, and that there is nothing he wouldn't do to protect his own.

How I think it will do: I've heard a lot of hype surrounding this movie, and you know coming from the director of Saw that this will probably be pretty gruesome. I expect that its going to be a great action/thriller movie, with a decent showing this weekend. Definitely not for the faint of heart. If you're looking for something that will keep you on the edge of your seat.. this may not be the one for you, but it will definitely mess with your mind.

Balls of Fury - A comedy starring Christopher Walken. There's a lot going on in the world of underground ping pong, and its up to professional ping-ponger Randy Daytona to help FBI Agent Rodriguez (George Lopez) flush out one of the FBI's most wanted while reclaiming his former glory!

How I think it will do: Gonna be the replacement for Superbad this weekend. Definitely the one to see for those looking for a quick laugh. However, it hasn't received the greatest reviews. Don't expect to laugh as much as you think. It's PG-13 rating will allow for more people to go, but definitely will not leave you as satisfied as Superbad did.

Halloween - Rob Zombie's take on a classic horror movie. While following the theme of the previous Halloween movies, this one steps back and takes a look at what could have possibly happened to shape one of Hollywood's most famous psychopaths, Mike Myers.

How I think it will do: I think this movie shows a lot of promise, but it is being released at a notoriously bad time. Who really wants to watch a movie about Halloween in August? Also, studios tend to drop a lot of films that they don't think will do as well in August. It's R rating promises a devilishly good time, but will this match up to Zombie's previous offerings, The Devil's Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses? I don't think so, but I am still interested in seeing it.

My pick of the week would have to Death Sentence. It looks awesome to me. Balls of Fury is a close second for me, and I'm not sure Halloween will live up to what I think it will be. A better offering than last weekend, it still may not be strong enough to draw people out of their homes. Hey, if you can't think of anything to do, grab a few friends and go see one of these films! Balls of fury will be a great group movie!

Off to read blogs and try to figure out this whole hosting thing. Feel free to leave a tip or comment if you know something about it. I'll see you at the movies!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Placeholder... I mean Weekly Update: At the Movies!

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forgetfulDon't worry, I didn't forget about this, I am actually busy at work! I will be updating this later on tonight, I know you're all waiting in anticipation. It has been almost 3 days! Thanks for being loyal and reading though, expect visits from me tonight!

Ok, here we go! Now that I'm home I can actually write something of substance! As you guys can tell from the little info box I have on the right, it wasn't a great week for movies. Superbad took the top spot once again. I did hear some interesting things this weekend at work though, as well as something I'd like to find out some more info about if you guys might know.

First off, a little interesting thing I heard about Mr. Bean's Holiday. I asked a guest coming out of the movie what they thought of it. Her response: "It was great! America is so not ready for this...". She repeated the second part as she walked out. Weird huh? Also weirdly enough is that the movie did pretty well overseas taking in almost 200 million up to this point. It should be noted that it opened roughly 5 months ago in the UK, where it was almost as big as Spiderman!

Now onto the second weird thing that happened. It was closing time yesterday, and I was upstairs closing up shop. The staff closing the stand calls me down, and there is someone who wants to buy something. I inform him that we are closed and I have already secured all of the cash for the day. He says he needs something for his diabetic girlfriend, she needs some sugar. Well, I know that can get pretty serious, so I try to compromise. I offer him a free soda instead. That's LOADED with sugar, should be enough right?

Of course not.

"She needs something sour. Like sour patch kids. She says that sour things have more sugar" (Is this true?) Well, I really can't sell him anything, and I keep trying to sell him on the free drink. C'mon, spend $3.50 on a candy or get a free soda?? Well after a few minutes of insisting that it must be sour, he walks away. I honestly hope nothing happened to his girlfriend, but I did offer the sugar she needed right? What do you guys think?

Other than that, it was a HOT weekend, so not much business.

I've also been thinking, would anyone like to have their articles featured here? If you do, send me a link and I'll link it up. My small amount of readers may like what you have to write and we can both rise to fame! Well, that's all for now, time to catch up on reading your blogs!

Oh! I forgot to mention this is my 50th post! I didn't think I'd make it this far, go me! jk, lol. Just another random useless fact from me.

Friday, August 24, 2007

We Have a Serious Problem Here.

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This one's for you Karen. I love it when people come up to me and this is the first thing they say. I realize that going to the movies, a pleasant experience is expected. Trust me, people who work at the movies know this. So when something goes wrong, you as a guest definitely has a right to complain. We will do our best to make sure your problem is solved.

So let's set the scene. It's roughly 8pm. We've switched back to fall hours, so it's getting close to closing time. I'm at the customer service counter when an older woman approaches me and says "We have a serious problem here." Now, I took this literally and thought something was really wrong.

What did she say though?

"You're playing Underdog where you're supposed to be playing Hairspray."

"OH CRAP" I thought. But wait, let me check her ticket! Sure enough, what had happened was she went into the wrong theatre. It was my first suspicion since we change posters on Thursday to prepare for our Friday openings. (We use posters at the auditorium entrance, as well as a mylar on top of the auditorium to indicate which movie is currently playing.) We did change them a bit early since we were not busy, making sure to tell every guest twice where they REALLY needed to go. Once when they bought their ticket, and again when their tickets were torn. Of course it's not always obvious to check your ticket, so.....

I could tell she was pretty upset about this though, so I offered her a refund. I was even going to say that she could go in and watch the remainder of Hairspray or whatever movie she wanted. But I got cut off first. "This is infuriating" she fumed at me. I understand its frustrating, but I'm trying to help her out here. Turns out she went to the theatre she was told to go to, saw a different poster, and went to go find the right poster, and thus, the right theatre to go into. She didn't check her ticket or ask anyone. OK, I can still understand where she would be mad though.

At this point, there's nothing I can do. I had already given her her money back for the inconvenience, and gave her a tip to look at her ticket or ask if she was unsure, and we would be glad to direct her in the right direction. Of course, this is not good enough. She wants to escalate it. She wants to talk to my boss. I try to convince her that it's not his fault, and that we do this every Thursday, but she has none of that. She continues to yell at me instead. It's really frustrating when you try to be nice and you get screamed at. I just had to take it. My staff is staring over at me, watching me take this. Not the most pleasant experience. They've often asked me how I can continue to take the verbal abuse some people like to dish. The answer is, its not easy.

Now, her husband or boyfriend or whatever, was extremely nice. I find that often one half of the group will be nice to you. Usually because they're embarrassed. Another group who had the same thing happen and had come out with this lady actually admitted it was their fault and that they had been told where to go, but assumed that we were wrong. They got their money back as well and went on their merry way. Like I said, we try, but sometimes no matter what you do, you're gonna end up with the jerk who decides they need to scream at you. Yes I understand you're angry, but if you scream at me, it's not going to help.

Can't we all just get along?

Review: War!

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Looks like my last few posts haven't been the greatest hits! What can I do to bring you all back? PLEASE COME BACK! Hope I can provide something worth reading this time! On to the review...

Man, Jason Statham is pretty amazing. So is Jet Li. And the two of them combined made for one of the best action movies I have seen so far this year. I have yet to see the Bourne Ultimatum I know, I know that is next on the list. Pre-screened War tonight, and I was very impressed with the movie.

From the second I stepped into this movie, it was pretty much non stop action. Being R-rated, I knew I would be in for some pretty good violence, and this film did not disappoint. The action scenes are incredible, and they use some pretty awesome cars in there too. Now I've heard that Bourne had a pretty good car chase too, but I haven't seen that yet, so I can't say anything for it.

A little background for those who didn't read my previous post.. this movie is about my boy Jason Statham's character, an FBI agent, who gets himself between two rival gangs as he tries to go after the killer of his partner and his partner's family. Well, a lot of those gang members who get in his way end up dead, though he doesn't do it all alone. Jet Li's character, Rogue, takes care of his fair share of gang members also. It is Rogue that Statham's character is after though, and they inevitably meet in a pretty decent showdown. For some reason I always picture these two to be on the same side.... Li is pretty versatile, I like how he can do both the good guy and the bad guy.

Anyway, I'm not going to ruin it for anyone who plans to see it, but I highly recommend it. It's the action movie for people feeling low after having nothing to see after Bourne. If you're looking for great action, with a pretty decent story, check out this film. If you do check it out, let me know what you think!!!

Recommendation: Go See It!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Movie Trailer Effectiveness

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First off, I'd like to throw a shout out to Chaseblogger and thanks for the plug I got on his blog!

Movie trailers.. either you love em or you hate em. I personally love em. I love seeing what new movies are going to come out and get an idea of what I'm in for, or what to avoid. A website that always has great movie trailers is Apple. Now I know a lot of people actually plan what time they go to the movies by when the trailers will end. I never understood this! Trailers are an important part of seeing a movie! There is the other end of the spectrum also. Anybody remember Wing Commander? Nope, but some people remember that there was a trailer for Star Wars: Episode 1 before it! Now I wasn't working at the movies then, but I heard that some theatres actually had to make sure people weren't buying tickets just for that purpose. Funny huh?

Now what made me think about this topic?

Well recently a co-worker and I were discussing trailers, and the difference between Red Band and Green Band trailers. What is the difference, you might ask? Well, here's what Wikipedia's article has to say about it:
A green band is an all-green graphic at the beginning of the trailer, usually reading "The following PREVIEW has been approved for ALL AUDIENCES by the Motion Picture Association of America," and sometimes including the movie's MPAA rating. This signifies that the trailer adheres to the standards for motion picture advertising outlined by the MPAA, which includes limitations on foul language and violent, sexual, or otherwise objectionable imagery. Trailers that do not adhere to these guidelines may be issued a red band, (which used to be blood red) which reads "The following PREVIEW has been approved for RESTRICTED AUDIENCES ONLY by the Motion Picture Association of America," and may only be shown before an R-rated, NC-17-rated, or unrated movie. (The Amityville Horror (1979 film) carried this banner[1]). A yellow band is a yellow graphic that reads "The following PREVIEW has been approved ONLY for AGE-APPROPRIATE internet users by the Motion Picture Association of America" (for example, the trailer for Halloween). The MPAA also mandates that trailers not exceed two minutes and thirty seconds in length, and each major studio is given one exception to this rule per year.
Does this make a huge difference in the film's appeal? Well I'm going to take a recent example where I think it did, with Resident Evil 3: Extinction. First, here is the green band trailer:

Makes the movie look pretty tame. I mean, you can tell that there are some action sequences and it gives you an idea what the movie will be like, but wait. Here is the red band trailer: Keep in mind that it may not be appropriate for all audiences.. you have been warned.

For those of you who watched it, there is quite a difference in the two huh? I had already planned on seeing the movie before, but after seeing the red band trailer, I knew I would see it, because it seemed so much more exciting. Weird how different those two trailers are huh? Most theatres won't be caught dead playing red band trailers, since there are green band trailers out there which already cause complaints with parents and others. However, I feel that when used in the right setting, red band trailers can be extremely effective!

What do you guys think? If you watched them both, which do you think would be better for the movie's promotion? Sorry I don't have an example of a yellow band trailer to show...

How Much is Your Blog Worth (Volume 3)!

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My blog is worth $12,984.42.
How much is your blog worth?

I have achieved my goal for this week! I actually exceeded it. How is everyone else doing with this? Matt, the challenge is on. First one to $1,000,000 wins. This has been a neat little tool that has helped keep me engaged with this blog. Every time I check it and it goes up it feels like an accomplishment! Anyone having trouble keeping up with their blog? Maybe this will help! Brr... I'm cold. Off to get a sweatshirt before I research my next entry!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Milestone!

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My Sitemeter now reads 1000 hits! Thanks everyone for all your support. I couldn't have done it without you guys... cuz I blocked my computer from registering.

I've been thinking about buying a domain. How does sound to you? Maybe Have any of you thought of buying your own domains?

Well, thanks again! I'll put up another post when it reads 5000. Any predictions on how long that'll take? I guess 2.5 months.

Movies this Weekend!

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Well, its time for another weekly edition of movies opening this week! There’s a lot of em, so be prepared for some intense reading. Seriously. I’ve jam packed so much content in here this blog is about ready to explode. Oh, and thanks for the plug to Its all good… gossip!! Well, here goes….

Illegal Tender - When the gangsters who killed his father returns for revenge on the rest of the family, Wilson Jr. (Rick Gonzalez) and his mother turn the tables on them, going after the murderer in a thriller fueled by family ties and blood fueds.

How I think it will do – I think this will be the weak film of the week, drawing those that are looking for a thriller movie. The premise of the movie sounds ok, but I think there are better selections out there. Hey, every movie that gets funded needs to be released at some point, and this isn't a particularly strong weekend, so why not, right?

War – Starring Jet Li and Jason Statham. After an FBI Agent‘s (Statham) parter gets killed by a ruthless assassin (Li), he becomes obsessed with the assassin’s world. He puts himself between two Asian gangs in order to settle the score. In the end, a secret in the past of the two is revealed….

How I think it will do – You can’t really go wrong with Jet Li and Jason Statham. Both are just plain awesome. I think this movie could be a surprise at the box office, a welcome addition for those who are missing an action movie after having seen Bourne Ultimatum. Hopefully this one will not get banned in China like Rush Hour 3, but I suspect it might, since it has Triad gang references.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday – For those of you looking for a comedy, here it is. Rowan Atkinson returns as everyone’s favorite almost mute character. This time, he’s got a passport and he’s traveling….. to the beach, wreaking havoc everywhere, Mr. Bean Style.

How I think it will do – I think this movie will be decent for this weekend, but for a comedy I think it will still fall short of Superbad. The only thing helping it is that it’s not a rated R comedy, which means that those who are unable to see or have already seen Superbad may use this as an alternative. Personally, I'm intrigued. It's not my top pick for the week, but it might be a choice.

Resurrecting the Champ – Starring Josh Hartnett and Samuel L. Jackson, it tells the story of a homeless man who calls himself “the Champ”. Hartnett’s character determines that he is in fact a former champton, and seeks to revive his career. In the meantime, he has to re-evaluate his relationship with his own son.

How I think it will do – This movie reminds me of Million Dollar Baby a little bit. I don’t think it’ll do as well, but Samuel is awesome, and any movie with him in it is just 10 times better. I mean look at Snakes on a Plane. C’mon. After Cinderella Man, I'm ready for another boxing movie.

What's my choice for the week? I'm gonna have to go with WAR, since I love those kinds of movies, with Resurrecting the Champ coming in a close second. It's going to be a decent weekend for movies, nothing too crazy though.

Of course there are also other movies opening in limited release this week, such as September Dawn, The Nanny Diaries, The Hottest Slate, and The 11th hour. If you’d like to hear about any of those, just ask and I’ll write up a quick preview for you!

On a side note, I got rejected by payperpost ☹ . I guess this blog is too new, but maybe I’ll resubmit later when it has more legs. Oh well. What movie are you looking forward to most this week? And what do you think of my new tagline?

John Chow dot Com

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This is my network. Hopefully. Haha, we're all trying to get more traffic as bloggers. I've recently been reading John Chow's Website to try to get tips on how I can help myself. He has a lot of tips for starting bloggers, and is also willing to offer his own help!

I am writing cuz I'd like to have some help to make money online, which is part of the reason for this blog! It can be an experiment for my small amount of readers. Trying writing a review of his blog like I'm doing now, and see how much traffic he can drive to your site by linking to your blog! I'm curious to see the results!

Now of course this is not for everyone, but I'm willing to give most things a try. Don't worry, I'll return to my regularly scheduled posting later on tonight, for those of you looking for movies!

WOOHOO, finally successful with Digg button. Now someone click it. just kidding.. if you want to know how to do that just ask me, I'll help you out!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Writer's Block!

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It has happened. I have writer's block. I guess it happens to the best of us. Maybe by writing this post, I can get past it. Kinda weird, I wrote writer's blog instead of writer's block first. I guess I should take this time to ask you guys, my readers, what you think of this blog and how its been going. What do you like? What don't you like?

Also, how have your experiences been blogging? If you're doing it for some dinero, how has that been going? My personal success with that has been pretty moderate, though I'm feeling good about the whole getting paid to surf the web thing. It can't hurt, its free right? hehe. Binary Moon is running a cool contest too, it could help traffic.

Wow... we've got a ton of new movies coming out this weekend. More to come on that later this week right? I gotta keep you guys on edge. They taught me that in blogging school.

I hope this post has not bored you guys away from my blog forever. It was a slow day for me.

Wow... I just read this on IMDB.

Hustle & Flow star Terrence Howard refuses to date women who don't use moistened tissue on visits to the toilet - as they are "not completely clean." The Oscar-nominated actor insists potential female suitors must not rely solely on toilet tissues in the bathroom, and even goes to the trouble of advising any partners to make the switch to baby wipes if they don't already use them. He tells Elle magazine, "If they're using dry paper, they aren't washing all of themselves. It's just unclean. So if I go inside a woman's house and see the toilet paper there, I'll explain this. And if she doesn't make the adjustment to baby wipes, I'll know she's not completely clean."

You gotta be kidding me. I got nothing against clean girls, but this is ridiculous! Hollywood never ceases to amaze me. I guess as long as they are in business, then I am too!

Also off IMDB....

Jackie Chan's new action comedy sequel Rush Hour 3 has been sensationally banned in China, despite his status as a national hero. The Hong Kong-born actor's film has prompted controversy in recent weeks over a scene where a family involved in organized crime visit Paris. The association with Triad gang members reportedly angered Chinese authorities. But the state-run Film Bureau insists the decision to block the movie's release was taken for commercial reason, even though the first two movies in the franchise were box office hits. Xiao Ping, of China Film Group's import and export department, says "We think it will not be popular in China." Under strict rules, only 20 foreign releases a year are permitted in China and many that make it through the censors are severely edited first - like the unflattering portrayal of Chow Yun-Fat's pirate character in Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End earlier this year.

I know China is really strict with movies and everything in general, but do you agree with this?

Anyway, lottery around here is up to $171 million. Hopefully I will get past this writer's block... Wish me luck...

EDIT:Quick trivia.. my blog's title reminds me of another company's slogan. Can any of you name that company/slogan?


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Don't you ever want to wring the neck of someone who comes up to you at work and berates you for no reason? Imagine getting the same thing from a kid who is a good 5 years younger than you. Have you ever gone to the movies and seen this here poster on the right? I'm sure you have at some point, and if you haven't you have now! :-)

I wish people would follow it! I posted in a recent blog entry about the Rated R policy. Chaseblogger agrees with me.Well today at work I had to deal with it again, this time while selling tickets. Most memorable moment was when a girl who I had just rejected for tickets (she had no ID) to Superbad. She comes back out with an ID, one that is clearly not hers, and asks to exchange her ticket. I told her that it wasn't her ID and that she wouldn't get a ticket. I could tell she was getting mad, so I decided to quiz her.

"What is your birthday?" I asked. "April 15th!" is what she basically screamed in my face. I hesitated a second, then calmly said "Well, that's not what it says on YOUR id." The next word out of her mouth was a four letter word that will not be repeated here. Needless to say I had embarrassed her thoroughly, and took great pleasure in doing so. People in line were yelling at her to stop wasting time and trying to sneak in. It made me feel a little good about myself haha.

She proceeded to call her friends out and say that she got busted, to put it shortly. She then made it a point to tell me she would be visiting another local theatre, because they don't check IDs there. Fine with me, I wouldn't want her kind at my theatre anyway. I did notice something yesterday when I was watching Superbad myself. The crowd was very well behaved, and people were enjoying themselves. I think this is because my theatre does such a good job with enforcement of the policy. We didn't have any immature 15 and 16 year olds in there causing disturbances. People were there for the movie, not to think they were cool by sneaking in.

Think about it.. have you been to a theatre where they didn't ID? At my previous one we didn't really do all that much, and I noticed the crowds were much rowdier. Not that I mind a rowdy crowd when it comes to a movie like Superbad, but it was really pleasant yesterday and I enjoyed myself.

Point of the story is, I don't like being harassed by someone who is much younger than me and doesn't know the rules. I was their age once and I understand how they feel to a point, but if you're gonna be a little brat and I'm right, then I will embarrass you, and in this case it was in front of at least 30 other people.

Another plus, my theatre has gone back to fall hours, so we closed early today. And I am still up late. Some things never change.

This weekend was good for movies. As mentioned before, there is something during the credits of Superbad that is worth watching, I didn't get to see any of The Invasion though, so I don't know anything about the credits for that one. Any of you go this weekend?

I'm off to catch up on some of your blogs!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Review: Superbad is Super Good

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I finally got to see a movie on the weekend it opened! And it was GREAT. I do have to say that I did sneak in my own food, but mainly because my theatre does not sell Sno Caps or Iced Lattes. And those were really good. Anyway, saw Superbad in the biggest theatre of my building. There was a decent crowd on hand, about 200 I'd say, so I knew that the experience would be good. Can't complain about the crowd, they stayed pretty quiet except when they were uproariously laughing (which was quite a bit!)

On to the movie itself. The previews had hyped it up a lot. I was actually expecting it to be along the lines of some of my previous favorite comedies, such as Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball and 40-year old Virgin . All great films by the way. Superbad had me laughing right from the start. All of the raunchiness and things you would expect from a rated R comedy. From McLovin to Fogel, it was pure comedic genius. The duo from this movie actually reminded me of the duo from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Something was pretty much always going on, causing a laugh or a groan from the audience.

The best part, as usual, was the crowd reactions to all the humor, and especially that of the girl's. She's had a thing with laughing at asian jokes (seeing as I'm asian) and this did not disappoint her in the least. For those of you who love to stay for the credits, there are some extremely interesting images for the first half of them. Nothing after that though, so feel free to leave when those are gone!

This movie is highly recommended. Get off your butts and into the theatres. You won't be disappointed!

My sister just started a blog. Intermission at Home. Way to copy me sis.

I've been thinking about getting my own domain name. Any of you thought to do that? I heard that it's better that way, but seeing as how this blog is pretty low on the money making for now, I'm going to hold off. However, I think I do have an idea for the contest I'm gonna run. Probably gonna be some movie trivia, so for those of you trivia buffs, get ready! I've got some pretty good movie paraphernalia to give away so keep an eye out for that soon!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Review: Rush Hour 3 and More!

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So I actually saw this on Wednesday, I just haven't had time to write about it what with work and all. Sorry about the long hiatus (More than 24 Hours!) since my last post. I hope you all will forgive me and keep on readin!

Anyway, this movie is exactly what I expected it to be. Nothing too spectacular, it had its funny moments and was overall an enjoyable experience. They did try to force some of the gags a bit. However, there's some stuff to see during the credits that is pretty funny, so if you're going to see this movie feel free to stay for the credits!

I like Jackie Chan for the most part, and Chris Tucker gave a decent performace. The stunts seemed pretty well performed, though I don't know how much longer Jackie can do his own stunts. I do kinda wish that I could do stuff like that. I guess something that really helped my experience with this is that when I saw it, it was with a crowd of mainly asians. My girl decided that it would be really funny to laugh whenever an asian did something funny, so it was a little humorous to see the people turn around and look sometimes. But that's not saying I like causing disturbances, since I have to deal with them all the time!

Workin yesterday wasn't bad at all. The only movie that really did any business was Superbad, as I had expected. My staff really gets a kick out of IDing kids or stopping kids who try to sneak into Rated R movies. I know that its a pretty harsh policy, so how do you guys feel about it? For those who don't know, for Rated R movies, you must be 17 years or older to see it. If you don't have ID or are not old enough, you must be with a parent or legal guardian 21 years or older throughout the entire film. That last line reminds me of the reminder I have to leave in our theatre recording. Sad. On an interesting note, I actually used Facebook to check someone's age to make sure they were old enough to see it. Haha. I had him log into his page, and show me his age. Guess I felt nice at that point, because he didn't have an ID. Facebook can prove a lot of things though, right?

What's weird about posting now is that I thought I would still be asleep at this point. I've been missing out on a lot of sleep because of work, but for some reason I woke up early again today. Tired, but early. Guess I had a lot of things on my mind, and couldn't wait to blog about em. First, another moviegoing tip! To save money go to an early AM Cinema show at your local AMC. It'll cost you 4,5,or $6 depending on your theatre! Good for shows between 9 and 1030 I think! Next, I signed up for payperpost. I guess people have had some success with this when blogging online. I don't know how much I'll get into it cuz I want to write about what I want to here, but here's a button in case you're interested in signing up!

Nothing huge, cuz I don't want to disturb the reader experience. Another thing I found last night was algoco. This is interesting. Apparently they pay you to surf the internet. And that's it. Just surf the internet using their toolbar and you get paid. Seems too simple to be true.. but here's a link in case you are interested!

Blag, well enough about stuff that doesn't pertain as much. Hopefully I still have you guys here. I'm thinking about running a contest. I actually have some cool movie stuff that I can give away, like posters, banners, etc, but I'm not sure how to best do this. Of course I want it to be something that will get more people reading here. So who best to ask than my readers! What do you guys think I could do for a contest? I had an idea for a longer term contest where as soon as my adsense revenue took off I would pay for the domain for someone else's site (who was a reader or commenter), but that seems a bit far off. Let me know what you guys think!

Off to hopefully see Superbad today. Unfortunately, even theatre managers can get shut out of some movies.

Friday, August 17, 2007


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67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

I guess I am pretty addicted to blogging. But its so much fun! How addicted to blogging are you guys? I just keep trying to think of ways to increase my traffic and clicks and stuff like that. Anyone else trying to do the same? People say things like contests could work, so I've been considering that too. Any ideas? Probably something movie related, since that's what I do!

Screened Superbad tonight.. unfortunately since I was working, I could not watch it. Computer problem instead kept me doing paperwork until ohhh.. a half hour ago. I'm sure to be poppin fresh for work at 9 after this.

Guess this can't hurt to try to build traffic. Copy this list of links to your blog, adding yours at the bottom. See if it can bring you 500 links! I will let you know if this works!

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Intermission at Work

What movie does my post's title remind you of?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Munchies at the movies!

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Mmmm.. gummy bears. Just read an article on how gummy bears could soon become the food of the rich! Are you serious?!?! With prices nowadays its hard to fathom how much higher they can get! I for one do like to have a snack or two when I go to the movies, though it really depends on my mood. Besides popcorn obviously, and drinks, here are some of the other popular ones at my theatre. Interestingly enough, here is an article on how popcorn first became associated with the movies!

Buncha Crunch - Little pieces of chocolate with crunchies in them. Like a Crunch Bar broken up into a ton of little pieces. Someone once told me it was fish eyes in Crunch Bars, and I didn't eat them for a while. My loss. Favorite part about them coming from a person who will take an order is what people call them. Among the best: Cruncha Bunch, and Those Crunch Things.

M&M Peanut - Like Regular M&Ms, but with peanuts in em. Can't get much better than that right? Dunno what it is about em, but these are really addictive. Who knew a peanut could make such a big difference? Best part about people who order them: Expecting us to know that they want those by saying "M&Ms please". At least they say please, but we have two different kinds, k?

Skittles - For those of you who aren't feelin the chocolate, taste the rainbow. Can I say that without getting sued? Well I guess you'll all find out if skittles ever gets a hold of this website. You can buy it from me for a little over $10000. I will quietly slink away. :-) I love these too, because they seem to last forever, and now they come in a resealable bag! So take em home if you're not finished and enjoy your $4 purchase. Best part about people who order em: They order em right! Not too much to mess up here.

Reeses Pieces - For those who want a peanut butter fix but without the chocolate. These are incredibly addicting, and the bag goes on and on. It's one of the heftiest bags at the theatre, so that makes it one of the best values, if there is such thing at the movies nowadays. Favorite part about people who order em: Reesee Peecees.

Now onto the candies I wish my theatre had but they don't! I'm really really upset that they got rid of these actually, they were something that I would actually buy!Man do I miss these. These and the watermelon ones also. I wish we could bring these back, they were great sellers. So what do you guys like in terms of candies at the movies? Do you mix em up into your popcorn? That can be really good actually. oooo.. I miss Sno Caps too. Something about those candies. Hmm.. makes me want to have some candy tonight. Well, more tomorrow night, after I get back from workin at the theatre!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Movies this Weekend!

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I actually wrote the majority of this post in advance. That means I’m on my way to being a professional blogger. Now pay up Google. ☺ Wish it were that easy. I do hope that everyone is enjoying reading my blog, I’ve come across so many interesting blogs and bloggers. It’s funny how I feel there is a certain community here, friends that I’ve never met and I still feel somewhat close to them! Well, enough of the personal touch right? On to the movies for this week!

The Last Legion – Featuring Colin Firth and Sir Ben Kingsley, this movie is a fantasy action movie set in Ancient Rome. It tells the story of the last emperor of Rome and his rule for a day before losing everything in the fall of Rome. Bearing many resemblances to “The Sword in the Stone”, it follows Augustus as he escapes from his prison on Capri after finding the legendary sword Excaliburnus. With the aid of some of his friends and advisors, he seeks the legendary Dragon Legion, determined to make a final stand in the name of Rome.

How I think it will do: I think that this movie is wayyy too much like other movies that have been out recently. Think 300, Alexander, and Troy. I mean, if they didn’t want to copy other themes, they could have at least used a better name for the sword. (Note: found out its the origin of Excalibur, so I guess it works) This movie is nothing new, and will have low to moderate success at the box office. Not my pick for the week. I think it will waste the talents of Kingsley and Firth.

Death at a Funeral – Directed by Frank Oz (Yoda), this is a British comedy showing the events that happen on the day of a father’s funeral. Everyone comes with their own apprehensions about the day, all knowing that they will have to face each other. The twist comes when a mysterious guest threatens to reveal an earth-shattering family secret. It is up to the two brothers to hide the secret. Starring Matthew MacFayden and Rupert Graves.

How I think it will do: I think it will have moderate success as it received some great reviews, even an 88% at Rotten Tomatoes. Fans of Firefly will be happy to see Alan Tudyk (Washburn) in this film. It is an interesting premise and will draw some people. Still not my pick of the week.

The Invasion – Starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman, this is a sci fi action thriller. It tells the story of a world where people must stay awake to stay alive. A space shuttle crash leaves alien wreckage behind, affecting those who come near it. Not killing them, it leaves them unfeeling and inhuman. As this spreads, it becomes more and more difficult to know who to trust. Kidman’s character hopes to stay alive long enough to find her young son, who may know how to stop this invasion.

How I think it will do: Looks like this is going to be geared towards the people who are not going to be seeing our next movie this week. For the older audiences, I think it will have success having such a powerful cast. I think it will be # 2 for the week, and it is also my second choice in movies this week. Look for it to have a pretty good weekend with some crowds.

Superbad – From Judd Apatow and Shaun Robertson, who brought The 40 Year Old Virgin and the screenwriters behind Da Ali G Show, this is a story about two guys who are about to graduate high school and the challenges they face as they grow apart from each other. A story of hilarity, it shows their efforts to reverse their losing streak with women a la American Pie.
How I think it will do: The #1 movie most likely for the week, this is my pick. Sure to be hilarious and a movie to see with a crowd. If you can find your way to a theatre this weekend, I would pick this movie. Gonna be a huge hit!

How I think it will do: Gonna be the hit of the week, racking in the big bucks... well as big as they can get at movies nowadays. I think this could be like the 40 Year Old Virgin in terms of business. Get your tickets in advance if you want good seats! Or buy em at automated box offices, those save a ton of time!

What are you guys going to see this weekend? If you go to the movies, that is. In other notes, my post on people I don't like to see at the movies has set a record on this blog for comments! I'm glad to be getting reactions and readers, I do my best to keep up with you guys!

He Shoots and Scores!

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My blog is worth $7,903.56.
How much is your blog worth?

Looks like I'm a hit! My blog has increased its worth by more than $2000. Any buyers now? Maybe this should be a goal, to increase my blog worth by at least $1000 every week. You guys think I can do it? Hopefully I can, because that would be awesome. Then I can tell my friends that I have made it in the world, and flash that banner in their faces! Just kidding. How are you guys doing on this?

Thought I'd add in another favorite movie. Going by the title of the post, I'm gonna go with favorite sports movie. This has to be Miracle. What a great, inspirational movie. Even better, it features some of the athletes who played at my school. Guess I'm a little biased since I'm a hockey fan, but it's a great movie, and everyone should check it out! I always watch it when I need a feel-good movie.

What about sports movies you guys like?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thoughts about Moviegoing, and Hell's Kitchen!

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Ahh, the movies. I talk about it a lot here, I mean that is what this blog is mainly about. There are always those people out there that like to ruin movies for people though, whether they mean it or not. I found a list of them here, and surprisingly many of them are ones that I have experienced myself! What can we possibly do to avoid these people? I know we've all had our share of experiences when it comes to the movies. I also forgot to mention this post, which also had some of these types of people! (Thanks to Blog Cabins for that article)

Those lists are pretty comprehensive, but how about the people that movie theatre managers and employees don't like dealing with? There are complaints which are justified, and I'll definitely try my best to deal with them on a case by case basis. Sometimes you just gotta smile and do what you can, but here they are:

The Mother w/ the kids - Yes... movie night. Don't we all remember when our parents used to take us to the movies? (Well I never really did, but anyway) Well, now mommy feels the need to drag her 10 month old, 2 year old, 5 year old, and 10 year old to the movies. At 10 pm. That's fine... kids won't be out too late or anything. I'm perfectly ok with the decisions parents make, but what gets to me is when they start running around and the baby starts crying in the theatre. When you go in to deal with them.. what do you usually get?

"He's quieting down now. COME BACK HERE AND GET IN YOUR SEAT!!!!"

As if this doesn't disturb the crowd. Well the kid is in the seat and the baby is quiet now. How long does this last usually? About 5 minutes!!!! Then we're back in there asking her to take the kid to the lobby. In fact, how about your money back so you can come back another time? Nope, I'm going to sit in the lobby and let my other kids run rampant inside the theatre. Then ask for my money back when the movie is over, cuz my kids really needed to see this movie!!! Sometimes I can't deal with parents. At least they buy concessions though :-)

The Cheapskate - Ok now I realize that movies are expensive, we've discussed this before. But c'mon some people are ridiculous. For example, people who buy concessions, then come back after the movie demanding a refund because it didn't "taste right". C'MON... AFTER THE MOVIE?!?! If it really didn't taste right you can tell right away and I'd be glad to replace it or give you your money back. But why come out after the movie and make a big deal out of it. Especially if half of it is gone! I hate causing a scene though, it's just not worth it.

Teenage Hoodlums - The bane of a movie theatre manager. These kids come in late, talk on their phones, talk during the movie, and generally try to intimidate everyone into letting them act how they want. They sneak people into theatres, and open the exit doors, letting who knows what into the theatre Worse, they try to intimidate the staff into letting them in to Rated R movies, and try to scam the theatre for free tickets. They cover just about all the bases when it comes to a guest that I hate dealing with. It just makes you wonder what their parents are like.

Well, those are a few of the people that I don't like to deal with. Is there any type of person that's not on that list that you don't like to see at the movies? Despite all this, I'll admit most of the time working at the movie is great. If it could pay the bills I'd do it for a living! I don't know what I'm going to do when the hours finally get to me. I have to say its something that I have enjoyed doing for the most part and I should be doing it for a little while :-)

How about Hell's Kitchen last night?!?! I was wrong in my prediction, but the finalist I wanted to win won, so that's ok. I really want to take a trip to Vegas now to check out the restaurants that have been opened by Hell's Kitchen. I really want to see if its as good as the show makes it seem. Who wants to donate to me so I can do that?!?!?

Monday, August 13, 2007

WEEKLY UPDATE: At the Movies!!

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Get Funky at the theatre!!! And I don't mean dance party. Even though that could be fun. I just read this article, and I'm glad to announce that my theater does not smell like feet. Rather, it boasts the pleasant aroma of popcorn, which permeates my being. Not that I don't like the smell of popcorn anymore right? I don't think I've had any in a while actually, I'm just around it too much.

A bit of defense for the theatre, they're probably not being allowed to do anything about it pending what the mall does, because it would most likely be a big expense. I think that it should be done more quickly than it is getting done though. There's no reason to subject people to foul odors when they are paying for a good experience. Did I mention I love happy bunny? I can always brighten my day by reading a few of those.

As expected, yesterday was really dead, with the movies performing as expected. Unfortunately, I did not get to catch the endings of any movies, though now that I think about it, it would have been possible for me to disappear into a movie and no one would have noticed, that's how slow it was. I'm guessing that there are some pretty funny scenes at the end of Rush Hour 3, and I will be seeing that movie on Wednesday night, so I'll provide a review of it for those of you who have not seen it yet. No complaints either. The only one actually really came from some people that I knew already, so it wasn't really that hard to deal with. They were nice to me, so its a lot easier to be accommodating!

I've still been thinking about the whole favorite movie thing, and I guess I'll start with a favorite comedy for now. Keep in mind that before I worked at the theatre, I did not see many movies, so if you have any suggestions I'd be glad to take them and try to watch the movie! If I had to pick a comedy, it would be Wedding Crashers! For those of you who haven't seen this, its Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson at their best. It really puts me in a good mood, and I think I saw it at least 3 times at the theatre! Definitely not one for the kids, its got a pretty good story and tons of laughs. You can pick it up from Amazon below if you'd like!

I've also been wanting to set some goals for this site. I want to try to have a 100 hit day soon, and get over 3000 total hits by the end of this month. Do you guys have any suggestions on how you would go about doing that? Also, how do you think I've been doing with the content? Anything you like or don't like? How about things you'd like to see here? Anything would be appreciated!

Reminder: WATCH TV TONIGHT!!!!!

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Last episode of Hell's Kitchen this season is tonight everyone! Make sure you tune in for it! I know I will be!

That's a creepy picture of Gordon. Which is why I put it up. Now that I have a bit of time to edit this, here's my prediction for the winner!

I think that... Bonnie will win. I'm actually in favor of Rock winning, but his dish wasn't as popular at all last week, and I think that he might melt down this week. Bonnie just needs to be consistent and realize that she can do it and she can win. Either way, I think the ending of this season will be a bit of a disappointment anyway, it should have been Jen I think. I hope that through posting I've gotten at least one person interested in the show, I hope it is back for another season for sure.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


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I know this blog is supposed to be about movies, but yesterday I had an incredible day and I spent it away from the theatre. I actually haven't worked at the theatre since Thursday night. It's been a much needed break.

Anyway, the company I work for during the day gave a way a bunch of these incredible creatures you see on the left here. LOBSTERS!! The annual company picnic will be something I look foward too every single year now. I have never seen so much free food, drinks (all kinds) and games/rides before ever. It made for a great day.

Afterwards, went to a party that the group was having, and had a good time there too. Lots of stories told and drunken behavior from a lot of people (not me! I was driving!) Then it was off to meet the girl's friends at Boston Bowl. I bowled my best game ever! A 128! Haha, I know its not that great, but if you don't believe me I have proof right here:

There you go, proof! After that, it was off to dinner at the Olive Garden. Pretty decent food, but a long long wait. Overall, a very enjoyable day. It was nice to get away from theatres for a few days.

But of course, its back to work again tonight! Reading over several websites and other blogs, it seems like it wasn't that great a weekend for movies, gross wise. Stardust disappointed at the box office, looking to earn less than $10 million overall. Rush Hour 3 was the big hit of the weekend, as I had expected, but still looking at less than $30 million this weekend. Bourne is once again holding strong.

Mother Nature looks like she took her effect on the box office! It's amazing how much the weather affects how well movies perform. Today is looking like a nice day, so I'll expect a slow evening. Ohh, that's another tip. If you don't want to see a movie when its busy, pick a nice day! People don't tend to go to the movies as much when its nice out, so its much slower and tends to be very quiet.

Sorry about the lack of blogging this weekend. I'll try to ramp it up a bit, including answering this question: What is my favorite movie?

Well.. what are YOUR favorite movies? I don't think this is going to be a one movie thing for me, because there are so many to pick from! Off to get ready for work now though, I will provide a weekend update tomorrow!