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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Munchies at the movies!

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Mmmm.. gummy bears. Just read an article on how gummy bears could soon become the food of the rich! Are you serious?!?! With prices nowadays its hard to fathom how much higher they can get! I for one do like to have a snack or two when I go to the movies, though it really depends on my mood. Besides popcorn obviously, and drinks, here are some of the other popular ones at my theatre. Interestingly enough, here is an article on how popcorn first became associated with the movies!

Buncha Crunch - Little pieces of chocolate with crunchies in them. Like a Crunch Bar broken up into a ton of little pieces. Someone once told me it was fish eyes in Crunch Bars, and I didn't eat them for a while. My loss. Favorite part about them coming from a person who will take an order is what people call them. Among the best: Cruncha Bunch, and Those Crunch Things.

M&M Peanut - Like Regular M&Ms, but with peanuts in em. Can't get much better than that right? Dunno what it is about em, but these are really addictive. Who knew a peanut could make such a big difference? Best part about people who order them: Expecting us to know that they want those by saying "M&Ms please". At least they say please, but we have two different kinds, k?

Skittles - For those of you who aren't feelin the chocolate, taste the rainbow. Can I say that without getting sued? Well I guess you'll all find out if skittles ever gets a hold of this website. You can buy it from me for a little over $10000. I will quietly slink away. :-) I love these too, because they seem to last forever, and now they come in a resealable bag! So take em home if you're not finished and enjoy your $4 purchase. Best part about people who order em: They order em right! Not too much to mess up here.

Reeses Pieces - For those who want a peanut butter fix but without the chocolate. These are incredibly addicting, and the bag goes on and on. It's one of the heftiest bags at the theatre, so that makes it one of the best values, if there is such thing at the movies nowadays. Favorite part about people who order em: Reesee Peecees.

Now onto the candies I wish my theatre had but they don't! I'm really really upset that they got rid of these actually, they were something that I would actually buy!Man do I miss these. These and the watermelon ones also. I wish we could bring these back, they were great sellers. So what do you guys like in terms of candies at the movies? Do you mix em up into your popcorn? That can be really good actually. oooo.. I miss Sno Caps too. Something about those candies. Hmm.. makes me want to have some candy tonight. Well, more tomorrow night, after I get back from workin at the theatre!

10 Comments Posted!:

whatagem said...

I'm hungry now...!

Skittle said...

I agree!

I would love to swap links. I added a icon on my page to link to yours. I am very knew at this (and not very good) so if you don't like it let me know. I may take a few days but I'll change it.

Kay said...

Oh my gosh, they took away Sour Patch Kids?!?!?! You have no idea how devastated I am. Did they just disappear from your theater, or from all theaters? I may have to boycott the concessions stand from now on!

Unless, of course, you carry Junior Mints. I might be persuaded to spend money on a box of those. But only if I can't have Sour Patch Kids.

Steven said...

Just looking at these candies gives me cavities!!!!

Zhu said...

I'm a Hershey's or Cadbury's girl but I'd take some suggestion for your list !

My favorite - for movies at home - used to be Doritos... I like salty stuffs :$

matt said...

I have to watch my school boy figure, no candy for me. ha, please

joen05 said...

We DO carry Junior Mints! And we replaced Sour Patch Kids but have Sour Jacks. They're not as good though.

@Matt, nice I feel the same way. Sometimes. I need to work out now.

Anonymous said...

i like the turtles at your work joe

they were really really good but mom yelled at me for getting them once

:/ maybe next time i'll grab some for the heck of it. :)

Emily Rose said...

Very bad decision on AMC to switch sour patch kids with sour jacks AND to switch starburst fruit chews with the jollyrancher fruit chews. BAD BAD choice.
Did we ever find out why they did that? Cheaper price to get them? In the end though, they lost money at the concession stands. I wonder which one overrides the other.

joen05 said...

I think they switched off of em cuz of branding? Not really sure but I wish we had kept those Starbursts too. We no longer sell Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews anymore either.. yet to be replaced.