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Friday, August 17, 2007


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67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

I guess I am pretty addicted to blogging. But its so much fun! How addicted to blogging are you guys? I just keep trying to think of ways to increase my traffic and clicks and stuff like that. Anyone else trying to do the same? People say things like contests could work, so I've been considering that too. Any ideas? Probably something movie related, since that's what I do!

Screened Superbad tonight.. unfortunately since I was working, I could not watch it. Computer problem instead kept me doing paperwork until ohhh.. a half hour ago. I'm sure to be poppin fresh for work at 9 after this.

Guess this can't hurt to try to build traffic. Copy this list of links to your blog, adding yours at the bottom. See if it can bring you 500 links! I will let you know if this works!

Derek Semmler
Make more Money and Save more Money
Cell Phones
John Chow
Binding Machines
Windshield replacement
Music Reviews
Intermission at Work

What movie does my post's title remind you of?

14 Comments Posted!:

Calista said...

Hi my friend!

It turns I'm 64% addicted to blogging.

I started blogging in order to earn some money.
As time passing by I realize that I cannot stand aggressive advertising and I have to find something else to earn money online.
To be honest, I'm not making money person, I'm kinda idealistic, just want to share friendship, useful information, support and all positive things.
Perhaps, this is my life mission.

Your post's title reminds me of...a book?

Be well joen05, I'm glad u r around!

Paper Fan Club said...

Superbad looks hilarious... be sure to post if you see it this weekend. Your post's title only reminded me of Karl Marx's "Workers of the world... unite!" socialist rally cry.

MandyPoo said...

Apparantely, I'm 74% addicted to blogging...even worse than you, so don't feel bad!

Not sure what the blog title should remind me of. Then again, it is too early in the morning for my brain to actually function, so who knows...

And lastly, YES, and I am constantly trying to figure out ways to increase my blog traffic. The best way I've found thus far is just to surf around to new sites and leave comments. Probably half of the comments I leave get visits back to my site. Oh, and I always try to put my link at the bottom of my comment. Hope this helps!

It's All Good...Gossip! said...

Ack! Considering I only blog in my spare time, it's scary to see that mine came to 77%!

It's not that I have a lot of spare time or Just many hours of early morning and late night work. :)

Great post joen05! :)

joen05 said...

I'm no stranger to late nights... check out the time of this post! Hint for people.. I'm thinking of a movie in my post title.

matt said...

You won this battle joen, i'm only at 64%. Until next time...

joen05 said...

Matt, you and I should have a contest to see which blog makes it big first. Maybe it'll help both of us, haha. Hope you're having fun, and the same to everyone else who reads this!

Editing Luke said...

hey i'd love to exchange links, i've just added your blog to mine. thx!

Ash said...

Any post that has an Anchorman reference is 89% better than any other post...and that's a scientific fact!

joen05 said...

You hit the nail on the head, Ash! Glad to see you recognized what I was going for!

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Jian Hong said...

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Han said...

84% I dont know whether to woo or boo! :S

whatagem said...

I don't need a meter to tell me I'm addicted. I have Rearranging Furniture Syndrome. It has transferred to my blog.