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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Review: Rush Hour 3 and More!

ShowHype: hype it up!

So I actually saw this on Wednesday, I just haven't had time to write about it what with work and all. Sorry about the long hiatus (More than 24 Hours!) since my last post. I hope you all will forgive me and keep on readin!

Anyway, this movie is exactly what I expected it to be. Nothing too spectacular, it had its funny moments and was overall an enjoyable experience. They did try to force some of the gags a bit. However, there's some stuff to see during the credits that is pretty funny, so if you're going to see this movie feel free to stay for the credits!

I like Jackie Chan for the most part, and Chris Tucker gave a decent performace. The stunts seemed pretty well performed, though I don't know how much longer Jackie can do his own stunts. I do kinda wish that I could do stuff like that. I guess something that really helped my experience with this is that when I saw it, it was with a crowd of mainly asians. My girl decided that it would be really funny to laugh whenever an asian did something funny, so it was a little humorous to see the people turn around and look sometimes. But that's not saying I like causing disturbances, since I have to deal with them all the time!

Workin yesterday wasn't bad at all. The only movie that really did any business was Superbad, as I had expected. My staff really gets a kick out of IDing kids or stopping kids who try to sneak into Rated R movies. I know that its a pretty harsh policy, so how do you guys feel about it? For those who don't know, for Rated R movies, you must be 17 years or older to see it. If you don't have ID or are not old enough, you must be with a parent or legal guardian 21 years or older throughout the entire film. That last line reminds me of the reminder I have to leave in our theatre recording. Sad. On an interesting note, I actually used Facebook to check someone's age to make sure they were old enough to see it. Haha. I had him log into his page, and show me his age. Guess I felt nice at that point, because he didn't have an ID. Facebook can prove a lot of things though, right?

What's weird about posting now is that I thought I would still be asleep at this point. I've been missing out on a lot of sleep because of work, but for some reason I woke up early again today. Tired, but early. Guess I had a lot of things on my mind, and couldn't wait to blog about em. First, another moviegoing tip! To save money go to an early AM Cinema show at your local AMC. It'll cost you 4,5,or $6 depending on your theatre! Good for shows between 9 and 1030 I think! Next, I signed up for payperpost. I guess people have had some success with this when blogging online. I don't know how much I'll get into it cuz I want to write about what I want to here, but here's a button in case you're interested in signing up!

Nothing huge, cuz I don't want to disturb the reader experience. Another thing I found last night was algoco. This is interesting. Apparently they pay you to surf the internet. And that's it. Just surf the internet using their toolbar and you get paid. Seems too simple to be true.. but here's a link in case you are interested!

Blag, well enough about stuff that doesn't pertain as much. Hopefully I still have you guys here. I'm thinking about running a contest. I actually have some cool movie stuff that I can give away, like posters, banners, etc, but I'm not sure how to best do this. Of course I want it to be something that will get more people reading here. So who best to ask than my readers! What do you guys think I could do for a contest? I had an idea for a longer term contest where as soon as my adsense revenue took off I would pay for the domain for someone else's site (who was a reader or commenter), but that seems a bit far off. Let me know what you guys think!

Off to hopefully see Superbad today. Unfortunately, even theatre managers can get shut out of some movies.

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Edward Dowd said...

I want to see RH3. I hope its good. I haven't heard anything from tucker or chan since RH2.

Weirdgrrl said...

Hey there... you left me a comment on Limes with Orange asking about PayPerPost. I think your blog is probably too young to be approved for the marketplace yet; it needs to be at least 90 days old and I only see your archives going back to July. But once your blog is old enough, I'm sure it will be approved. In the meantime, you might want to check out the PPP forums ( and get on one of the PPP wannabe blogrolls listed in the Marketing & Promotion section. Good luck!

Eyerex said...

Saw this film the other week which i enjoyed but could have been so much better plus found it a little short

ps great blog going to take a while to read everything :)