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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Review: Superbad is Super Good

ShowHype: hype it up!
I finally got to see a movie on the weekend it opened! And it was GREAT. I do have to say that I did sneak in my own food, but mainly because my theatre does not sell Sno Caps or Iced Lattes. And those were really good. Anyway, saw Superbad in the biggest theatre of my building. There was a decent crowd on hand, about 200 I'd say, so I knew that the experience would be good. Can't complain about the crowd, they stayed pretty quiet except when they were uproariously laughing (which was quite a bit!)

On to the movie itself. The previews had hyped it up a lot. I was actually expecting it to be along the lines of some of my previous favorite comedies, such as Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball and 40-year old Virgin . All great films by the way. Superbad had me laughing right from the start. All of the raunchiness and things you would expect from a rated R comedy. From McLovin to Fogel, it was pure comedic genius. The duo from this movie actually reminded me of the duo from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Something was pretty much always going on, causing a laugh or a groan from the audience.

The best part, as usual, was the crowd reactions to all the humor, and especially that of the girl's. She's had a thing with laughing at asian jokes (seeing as I'm asian) and this did not disappoint her in the least. For those of you who love to stay for the credits, there are some extremely interesting images for the first half of them. Nothing after that though, so feel free to leave when those are gone!

This movie is highly recommended. Get off your butts and into the theatres. You won't be disappointed!

My sister just started a blog. Intermission at Home. Way to copy me sis.

I've been thinking about getting my own domain name. Any of you thought to do that? I heard that it's better that way, but seeing as how this blog is pretty low on the money making for now, I'm going to hold off. However, I think I do have an idea for the contest I'm gonna run. Probably gonna be some movie trivia, so for those of you trivia buffs, get ready! I've got some pretty good movie paraphernalia to give away so keep an eye out for that soon!

7 Comments Posted!:

Jenn said...

wellllll intermission at home sounds better than intermission at work. :)

Mack said...

Hey, cool site. Can't wait to see Superbad, seems to be the big movie hit of the summer. Oh and thanks for the comment.

Steven said...

Nice post!!!I heard good things about this movie.


matt said...

You can go ahead and give me the prizes because I will more than likely be winning the contest. Thanks

Daszzle said...

Intermission at home.. aww too cute. I love it when lil sibs latch on to their older siblings idea and make them their own. It's definitely a compliment to you.

MandyPoo said...

I'm so glad to read your review because I'm going to see the movie tonight, so now I'm definitely excited!

Calista said...

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