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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Movies this Weekend!

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I actually wrote the majority of this post in advance. That means I’m on my way to being a professional blogger. Now pay up Google. ☺ Wish it were that easy. I do hope that everyone is enjoying reading my blog, I’ve come across so many interesting blogs and bloggers. It’s funny how I feel there is a certain community here, friends that I’ve never met and I still feel somewhat close to them! Well, enough of the personal touch right? On to the movies for this week!

The Last Legion – Featuring Colin Firth and Sir Ben Kingsley, this movie is a fantasy action movie set in Ancient Rome. It tells the story of the last emperor of Rome and his rule for a day before losing everything in the fall of Rome. Bearing many resemblances to “The Sword in the Stone”, it follows Augustus as he escapes from his prison on Capri after finding the legendary sword Excaliburnus. With the aid of some of his friends and advisors, he seeks the legendary Dragon Legion, determined to make a final stand in the name of Rome.

How I think it will do: I think that this movie is wayyy too much like other movies that have been out recently. Think 300, Alexander, and Troy. I mean, if they didn’t want to copy other themes, they could have at least used a better name for the sword. (Note: found out its the origin of Excalibur, so I guess it works) This movie is nothing new, and will have low to moderate success at the box office. Not my pick for the week. I think it will waste the talents of Kingsley and Firth.

Death at a Funeral – Directed by Frank Oz (Yoda), this is a British comedy showing the events that happen on the day of a father’s funeral. Everyone comes with their own apprehensions about the day, all knowing that they will have to face each other. The twist comes when a mysterious guest threatens to reveal an earth-shattering family secret. It is up to the two brothers to hide the secret. Starring Matthew MacFayden and Rupert Graves.

How I think it will do: I think it will have moderate success as it received some great reviews, even an 88% at Rotten Tomatoes. Fans of Firefly will be happy to see Alan Tudyk (Washburn) in this film. It is an interesting premise and will draw some people. Still not my pick of the week.

The Invasion – Starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman, this is a sci fi action thriller. It tells the story of a world where people must stay awake to stay alive. A space shuttle crash leaves alien wreckage behind, affecting those who come near it. Not killing them, it leaves them unfeeling and inhuman. As this spreads, it becomes more and more difficult to know who to trust. Kidman’s character hopes to stay alive long enough to find her young son, who may know how to stop this invasion.

How I think it will do: Looks like this is going to be geared towards the people who are not going to be seeing our next movie this week. For the older audiences, I think it will have success having such a powerful cast. I think it will be # 2 for the week, and it is also my second choice in movies this week. Look for it to have a pretty good weekend with some crowds.

Superbad – From Judd Apatow and Shaun Robertson, who brought The 40 Year Old Virgin and the screenwriters behind Da Ali G Show, this is a story about two guys who are about to graduate high school and the challenges they face as they grow apart from each other. A story of hilarity, it shows their efforts to reverse their losing streak with women a la American Pie.
How I think it will do: The #1 movie most likely for the week, this is my pick. Sure to be hilarious and a movie to see with a crowd. If you can find your way to a theatre this weekend, I would pick this movie. Gonna be a huge hit!

How I think it will do: Gonna be the hit of the week, racking in the big bucks... well as big as they can get at movies nowadays. I think this could be like the 40 Year Old Virgin in terms of business. Get your tickets in advance if you want good seats! Or buy em at automated box offices, those save a ton of time!

What are you guys going to see this weekend? If you go to the movies, that is. In other notes, my post on people I don't like to see at the movies has set a record on this blog for comments! I'm glad to be getting reactions and readers, I do my best to keep up with you guys!

8 Comments Posted!:

SUBHK said...

I will probably skip this weekend!

For the movie I was interested in "Best Shorts of Berlin International Film Festival 2007" they only still have front row seats available. Not comfortable at all to enjoy a movie from the front row...

whatagem said...

When does Mr bean open? I love that guy :o)

Zhu said...

I'll probably go see Superbad when I get a chance... not the Invasion, I've read really bad reviews.

I just saw Hot Rod, quite funny ;)

Johnskibeat said...

Just bagsied Superbad to review for my local culture magazine when it arrives in the UK!
In the meantime I've just reviewed Bourne Ultimatum... check it out here.

Danielk said...

Ben Kingsley will waste his talents for a handful of magic beans, frankly. The guy will apear in anything.

Any movies that come out in the near future are the ones the studio has already written off. If they had any confidence in them they would have released them last month, to maximize the business before school starts.

Anonymous said...

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