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Monday, August 27, 2007

Placeholder... I mean Weekly Update: At the Movies!

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forgetfulDon't worry, I didn't forget about this, I am actually busy at work! I will be updating this later on tonight, I know you're all waiting in anticipation. It has been almost 3 days! Thanks for being loyal and reading though, expect visits from me tonight!

Ok, here we go! Now that I'm home I can actually write something of substance! As you guys can tell from the little info box I have on the right, it wasn't a great week for movies. Superbad took the top spot once again. I did hear some interesting things this weekend at work though, as well as something I'd like to find out some more info about if you guys might know.

First off, a little interesting thing I heard about Mr. Bean's Holiday. I asked a guest coming out of the movie what they thought of it. Her response: "It was great! America is so not ready for this...". She repeated the second part as she walked out. Weird huh? Also weirdly enough is that the movie did pretty well overseas taking in almost 200 million up to this point. It should be noted that it opened roughly 5 months ago in the UK, where it was almost as big as Spiderman!

Now onto the second weird thing that happened. It was closing time yesterday, and I was upstairs closing up shop. The staff closing the stand calls me down, and there is someone who wants to buy something. I inform him that we are closed and I have already secured all of the cash for the day. He says he needs something for his diabetic girlfriend, she needs some sugar. Well, I know that can get pretty serious, so I try to compromise. I offer him a free soda instead. That's LOADED with sugar, should be enough right?

Of course not.

"She needs something sour. Like sour patch kids. She says that sour things have more sugar" (Is this true?) Well, I really can't sell him anything, and I keep trying to sell him on the free drink. C'mon, spend $3.50 on a candy or get a free soda?? Well after a few minutes of insisting that it must be sour, he walks away. I honestly hope nothing happened to his girlfriend, but I did offer the sugar she needed right? What do you guys think?

Other than that, it was a HOT weekend, so not much business.

I've also been thinking, would anyone like to have their articles featured here? If you do, send me a link and I'll link it up. My small amount of readers may like what you have to write and we can both rise to fame! Well, that's all for now, time to catch up on reading your blogs!

Oh! I forgot to mention this is my 50th post! I didn't think I'd make it this far, go me! jk, lol. Just another random useless fact from me.

6 Comments Posted!:

matt said...

You're almost as bad as me. I haven't been on since about Thursday. Thanks for slacking too.

joen05 said...

I figured I'd make the competition more fair.. you gonna be able to catch up by the Weds. Blog Worth Update?

Skittle said...

I would love to be linked!

Mr. Bean looks funny, but I never go to the movies anymore. That was a very odd comment!

Prin said...

Yeah, I think that diabetes thing was a load. From the diabetics I know, usually the first thing they ask for is juice. What an ass for faking it though. Karma'll get 'im. :D

The Bean movie looks a little ridiculous from the ads here.. Not sure I want to see it.

joen05 said...


Just submit a post and I'll link to it soon... just gonna try to see who's interested in it! Anybody else, feel free to submit posts you would like me to link to in a new post!

starttothink said...

Wow. That diabetic story is a bit of a stretch. What a cheap ass.

As for Mr. Bean - hm. Not interested. I'll stick with keeping "War" on my list. :)