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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

John Chow dot Com

ShowHype: hype it up!
This is my network. Hopefully. Haha, we're all trying to get more traffic as bloggers. I've recently been reading John Chow's Website to try to get tips on how I can help myself. He has a lot of tips for starting bloggers, and is also willing to offer his own help!

I am writing cuz I'd like to have some help to make money online, which is part of the reason for this blog! It can be an experiment for my small amount of readers. Trying writing a review of his blog like I'm doing now, and see how much traffic he can drive to your site by linking to your blog! I'm curious to see the results!

Now of course this is not for everyone, but I'm willing to give most things a try. Don't worry, I'll return to my regularly scheduled posting later on tonight, for those of you looking for movies!

WOOHOO, finally successful with Digg button. Now someone click it. just kidding.. if you want to know how to do that just ask me, I'll help you out!

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