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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How Much is Your Blog Worth! (Volume 4)

ShowHype: hype it up!

My blog is worth $16,936.20.
How much is your blog worth?

Woohoo! I did it again! I exceeded my goal for increase in worth! Well, I guess that it wasn't really that much more, but I'll take it. If only this money were real! Question for those of you who publish with adsense... have you been having much success? How about anything else you have tried.. has any of it worked? Matt, are you feelin the heat from this competition??

For those of you who have noticed, Intermission at Work has found a new home, at I decided to scrap the plan for hosting since its nearly impossible to move blogspot blogs through ftp, and even then I would lose all of my formatting, which I like. Hopefully all of you have found your way over here, don't forget to bring your friends!!!

Just found out we're screening both Death Sentence and Halloween tomorrow. I'll let you know if either one is spectacular or spectacularly crappy. Nothing on TV for me tonight so there's lots of blog reading to be done.. wish I could be watchin the Red Sox v. the Yankees. GO SOX!!!

5 Comments Posted!:

Kay said...

Congratulations again, my friend! Looks like you're well on your way to achieving dominance of the blogosphere. The new URL is pretty exciting, too. It makes your site all official and professional and such.

It's All Good...Gossip! said...

Congrats on your new domain! I updated my blogroll with your new *home*. :)

I can't wait to move my new domain too! First I have to find a great design to move to... haven't had much luck yet.

Calista said...


I started to write blog in order to monetize it. I didn't have clue about it. I have learnt it by the way.
I thought it would be easier to earn some money.
No success.
Too much work and poor results.

It seems u find right course for yourself.
I'm glad to hear it!

joen05 said...

Haha, if only this money were real now. It's been doing better lately.

@It's all good, you could purchase a domain and still use blogger until you feel like moving on, its what I did! I like my design so I'm keeping it for now..

matt said...

Nope, still at the same price. It's gotta be the ads or that site just hates my blog. I'm not done with you.