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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Movies This Weekend! 4/18/08

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Ack! Once again, it's been one week since I've posted. I've been working hard on a redesign for this site, and moving it to Wordpress. Hopefully, the site will be much more appealing, and much more fun to visit in the coming month or so. I want the new look to be perfect before I release it, and I still need to get photoshop to design some stuff, so stay on the lookout for that. While you're here, would anyone be interested in predicting the box office every weekend? Nothing too detailed, just the top 5 movies... and I'll give away a prize to the best guesser every month? Let me know!

Anyway, onto the movies....

88 Minutes - Dr. Jack Gramm is a college professor who spends his nights moonlighting as a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI. When he receives a death threat stating that he only has 88 minutes to live, he must use all of his skill to narrow down the suspects, and find the way to save himself.

How's it gonna do - I don't know about this one. I'm usually a fan of Pacino movies, but this one doesn't seem like the others. It has potential to be interesting, but I have a feeling that this one will fall flat. The first hint is that it hasn't scored well on the tomatometer in initial screening. That and the movie is 106 minutes long, not 88 minutes! What kind of crap is that?! Not as advertised. I'm gonna pass on this one, but it'll hit the top 5 this weekend. 3 at the max, I think.

The Forbidden Kingdom - An American teenager who has been obsessed with Asian cinema and Kung fu movies makes an incredible discovery in a Chinese pawn shop: the weapon of the Monkey King. With this relic, he finds himself traveling back in time to join a crew of martial arts warriors in their quest to free the captured Monkey King. Based on the traditional Legend of the Monkey King.

How's it gonna do - I think that this one will do pretty well. Movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, and House of Flying Daggers have all been impressive. Not necessarily the same genre as those, I still think Forbidden Kingdom will draw some viewers as its the first pairing of Jet Li and Jackie Chan ever. Being an Asian, it's almost required that I see this one :-). I'll let you know how it is, but I think it's in the #2 spot this weekend!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - From the guys who brought you Knocked Up and The 40-Year Old Virgin. Peter Bretter is a struggling musician who has spent the past 6 years idolizing his girlfriend, television star Sarah Marshall. When she dumps him, he thinks his world just might be over. To try to help with this, he takes an impulsive trip to Oahu, where he confronts his worst nightmare. Sarah and her new British rock star boyfriend are sharing the same hotel as him! As her presence there torments him more and more, he finds solace in a beautiful hotel employee, Rachel, who attempts to bring him back into the real world.

How's it gonna do? Definitely the #1 movie this weekend. A comedy for both the guys and the girls. The Penultimate date movie. Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating, but I still think this one has all the components you need to do very well in theatres. Young stars in a comedy by Apatow. What more do you need to succeed? This will be the other movie I try to see this weekend, and hopefully review for you guys!

That's it for the movies this weekend... is there anything you want to see? Images to come later!

1 Comments Posted!:

DeeDubya said...

With 88 MINUTES Im guessing that he doesn't find out he only has 88 mins to live at the very beginning of the film.

Im also guessing that *presumptive spoiler alert* that he survives and there is a bit of a pay off AFTER the 88 mins. Hence the longer running time. It's like 24 not being 1 long episodes cos of the ads, I guess.

High concept, not something Pancino normally does but we'll see, could be intereting,