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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Movies this Weekend! 4/11/08

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I really can't believe how fast the weeks go by. I remember when I was able to post once a day. This blog really did that much better then when I was able to focus on marketing it, and creating quality posts. I still try to do that, but I find myself a lot busier than I was then, especially with the new house, and having a lot of actual work at the day job. Throw in the late nights, and an inability to stay up afterwards, and you have the posting frequency of this blog. I'm also sad that I don't get to comment on as many blogs now, if I do at all, but I still try to keep in touch! I have a ton of blogs on my Newsfire feed reader. That's free now, if you're interested!

I can honestly say that I've missed getting comments on the blog. I do wish there were more, but I can only do so much right now. Still trying to get back into a rhythm. But enough about that, on to what you came here for, the movies this weekend!

Prom Night - Prom is supposed to be one of the best nights of your life, and Donna was ready for just that. She has overcome the horrible tragedy that plagued her, and has managed to enjoy much of her senior year. Unfortunately for her, the night becomes deadly, as the man she thought would be locked up forever has escaped. Donna and her friends must do everything they can to escape from him, and get him locked up again. Will they be able to do it... or will this be their last night?

How's it gonna do - I think this one is supposed to be the big movie for the weekend, but I just don't see it. The movie just seems dumb to me. It does have a slightly redeeming factor in that this type of horror movie could actually happen, and actually has happened recently, with a serial rapist escaping (and being recaptured) right around where I live. Sorry, no killers though . Still, this is the type of movie that will do really well even though it doesn't deserve to... #1 this weekend, unfortunately

Smart People - Lawrence Weatherfold is a widowed and self absorbed literature professor. He has alienated his son, and turned his daughter into an overachiever, albeit with no friends. However, when he falls for one of his students, things begin to change. Add to the picture the arrival of his brother, and Weatherfold realizes that he needs to change himself and get back in touch with his family before he can become more involved with his new love interest.

How's it gonna do - I'm actually fairly excited about this one. First off, it has my new crush in it, Ellen Page. I don't know what it is about the girl, but I find her really cute. I'm not saying that this is going to be a blockbuster or anything, I'm just hoping that it's a pleasant surprise like Juno was. Second of all, I think that the story seems decent, something that I could relate to, I think. I predict that Page and the fairly well known cast will draw to #2 this weekend!

Street Kings - Tom Ludlow is a veteran on the LAPD. He sets out on a quest to find the killers of his former partner, Detective Terrance Washington. Forest Whitaker plays Captain Wander, who must do his best to keep Ludlow in line as he realizes the passion with which Ludlow is pursing the killers. Ludlow ends up partnering with a young Homicide detective, and their determination pays off, as they track down and confront Washington's killer in an attempt to bring them to justice.

How's it gonna do - Judging from just the trailer, I think this movie seems like it could be pretty intense, and looked pretty interesting actually. However, I think that the trailer might be all that this one can deliver though, as I don't see how it could develop much more than it does in said trailer. I could be wrong, but Keanu Reeves without The Matrix just doesn't seem like a good combination for me. That being said, Hugh Laurie is in the film, which could be a redeeming factor.

There you go, the major releases for this week. Not a terrible week, but I still think we're looking for that film that just wows you in 2008. C'mon Hollywood, let's give us something to get excited about!!

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Skittle said...

I have never even heard of Prom Night. Not much out that I'm dying to see right now. Though I can't wait for Baby Mama!