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Monday, March 17, 2008

What's in an Oyster?

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Well, the obvious answer to the question in this title is pearls. My mom loves pearls. Me, however, I'm not that huge a fan. What would I love to have in oysters? I'd really like it if Oysters spit out Sapphires! Not that I'm enormously greedy or anything, but wouldn't it be cool if a blue gemstone came out of an oyster? Add to that sapphires are my birthstone, and blue is my favorite color. I would go digging for oysters if that happened.

I really wouldn't mind having a bunch of oysters sitting on my drawer if they had a nice shiny sapphire in them. It's probably not as practical as a pearl though. It might also be a bit freaky, but I think that it would definitely get people more interested in these little suckers.

Have you ever eaten an oyster before? I haven't, but the folks over atGulf oysters are trying to make sure that people are aware that there are dangers to eating undercooked oysters. Of course you wouldn't want to do that if you knew you could find a sapphire in it! Check out their site for more information!

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