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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Movies This Weekend! 3/7/08

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No feedback yet on whether anyone would be interested in having the movie releases as a newsletter, so you'll have to come here for that! :-) I type this one out as I watch Planet Terror, which I'm ashamed to say I didn't see in theatres. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices on what you see, especially when the lady is not interested. I get my occasional fixes... but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Watchin movies on HD is not bad at all. Saw Eragon in HD today as well.

Now, without further ado... your movies for this weekend.

The Bank Job - Based on the true story of a 1971 bank robbery that took place in London. Terry (played by Jason Statham), is a shady car salesman who has always avoided the big time scam. However, when he is offered the lead on a hot tip for robbing a bank, he knows that he has found an opportunity he cannot refuse. It doesn't help that he is being offered this by a beautiful model, Martine. She instructs him to target the safety deposit boxes in the bank. Little does Terry realize that the boxes contain secrets that lead to a web of corruption that spans all of England. Now Terry is in the middle of it all....

How's it gonna do? - I think that this one will do fairly well, though what concerns me is that it has some pretty stiff competition. Statham is always one to make a great action movie (for the most part anyway), and I believe that this one will deliver. The only gripe I have with Statham is that he always seems to play the same character. Stick to your strengths though, I guess. Look for this one to be number 2 this weekend, just because of the competition. It could be a #1 without as much.

10,000 BC - An epic movie exploring an age of gods and mythological creatures, where mammoths and other fascinating creatures roam the world. In this story, the hunter D'Leh has found his true love. However, when a raiding warlord attacks his village and kidnaps D'Leh's true love, he leads a small band of hunters to try to get her back. Through their journey, they find civilizations beyond their wildest dreams. At each stop, they find more who have been attacked by the same warlord, and his small band quickly becomes an army. Using this army, he makes a stand against the god who has been enslaving his own people.

How's it Gonna do? - I personally think this one looks great. I love the Epic movies, and this will be the one that I would like to screen if I get the chance. It looks to have incredible special effects, and a ton of action. Just the kind of movie that I'd like to see. I would say that this one will be the number one movie this weekend. It looks like it's has the best promotion of all the movies this weekend, and I think a lot of people know about it, so... yeah. I think it's going to be awesome. :-)

College Road Trip - Martin Lawrence is the local police chief, who is extremely overbearing on his daughter. She will be going away soon though, as she heads to college. Which one to go to though? To help her make her decision, she has planned an all-girls college road trip to visit all the schools she is thinking about attending. Her father, however, has other things in mind, and insists on taking her around himself. What else could possibly go wrong?

How's it Gonna do? - Meh. This is the kids movie for the week, though I think there are better options out there. It does make me wonder what would have happened if I had gone on a road trip for college. Unfortunately for this, from the previews, it seems like this is more annoying than anything else. It seems just a bit too over the top for me.

That's it for the major releases this week. I'll edit with the limited releases later... it's getting late.

What do you want to see?

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