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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not Exactly Movie Related

ShowHype: hype it up!
Edit - I did not get my PR back... dang Google Toolbar. lol

But I got my Page Rank Back. Well, part of it. I'm a 2 now! Yay! I guess Google has recently noticed that I stopped doing paid posting... as much as I enjoyed the dinero from it. I want to build this back into a more quality blog, and it seems that Google is noticing this.

Definitely glad about this, and it appears that things are looking up.

Anyone else notice their Page Rank Going up? I started checking again after hearing some rumors about it over at One Man's Goal.

I wonder how important it really is, this pagerank phenomenon. It's weird because some people will base how good a website or blog is based on this, but I never really thought about it too much. I was pumped when I first started blogging and saw a 4, but then it dropped to zero and I found that I really didn't care too much. I only post my update because I saw a lot of other people posting about it.

Anyway, onto a little other random stuff. I really want to preview a movie tomorrow. Right now I'm thinking 10000 BC, but I'm conflicted. There are definitely other things that I want to do tomorrow too. There's a hockey game in Providence that I'd like to see... mainly because it features my beloved Boston University Terriers! My girlfriend has also invited me out on a date.... and I'm generally not one to say no to her. Too bad I can't combine the three... or can I?

More tomorrow. Time for bed, folks!

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MandyPoo said...

No worries - I'm still a PR of zero, too. Oh well...I'm still doing a few paid posts, though, so I don't think mine is going to go back up...

MandyPoo said...

Go check out my blog - I'm participating in 5 Minutes For Mom's Blog Party AND I'm hosting my very first give-away!!! Spread the word!