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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Drive Thru

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I like drive thrus. Usually, they make things quicker, like getting my coffee in the morning. You ever run into someone who doesn't know how the drive thru works? I think you guys known what I mean. This morning, the person in front of me neglected to order when he/she was at the speaker. They just continued to drive through. When they got to the window, they just took what was handed to them, paid, and left. Of course... this was my order. So the cashier handed me what the person behind me ordered.

It wasn't what I wanted, so I made them get me a new one. I like my iced coffee. :-) Anyway, it was surprising that the person in front of me apparently wanted the same thing as me because they didn't change the order. It was a surprise to the people at the window though. They just seemed really confused. It could be a cool way to get a new surprise every day. Just go to the drive thru, and take the first thing handed to you, pay for it, and go. Even quicker! You don't even have to order, lol.

Speaking of something you Drive Thru....I've always wanted to go to a drive in movie. You don't really have many of these anymore, which is a shame. Now those screens were huge, and with the sound systems in some cars these days, you can get pretty good quality. Not to mention it's much more private than a traditional theatre, and you don't have to deal with the common annoyances in a traditional theatre. Could just be you and your lucky lady/guy.

Another perk about drive ins is that you usually get two movies for the price of one. Of course you do have to worry about the weather, but I wouldn't mind during the summer at all!

That's all for my short ramblings today.... new movie releases tomorrow!!! I should probably do laundry as well...I also just noticed that there is a turkey in the drive through in that picture above. Actually I've seen some wild turkeys recently. They're not scared of anything!

Anyone who reads this ever gone to a drive in movie?

2 Comments Posted!:

MandyPoo said...

Is that a turkey in the drive-thru?

Anyway...I've never been to a drive-in movie either, but it would be neat! We are supposedly getting a "dinner theater" in our town you'll be able to order a meal and watch a movie at the same time (and yes, they are supposed to be the new releases). I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

Skittle said...

There is a drive-in theater in the town we visited in Tennessee this weekend. We didn't get to go this trip, but I will definately go next time.

I also like the drive up idea. I think I'll try it next week for lunch :)