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Monday, February 11, 2008


ShowHype: hype it up!
Just wanted to go over a few things that I appreciate:

  • Nice Customers at the movies.
  • My girlfriend and family.
  • The readers of this blog.
  • Being able to blog!
Something I don't appreciate is being taken for a ride by Comcast. Blargh!!! From the moment I ordered their service, and the saleswoman celebrated her sale (she thought she hung up), it's been nothing but trouble. We're not getting all of the channels that we thought we're getting, and our boxes turn out to be more than we thought!

I figured that calling them would help alleviate this, but after talking to them, I realize how important good customer service is. They kept walking me around in circles, telling me that they were sorry I was misinformed, but that there was nothing they could do about it. Ok, I'm not expecting anything extravagant, but cmon... we're throwing a lot of money their way. Looking online, I found some pretty good deals that might make it better, so I called back and asked if we could get some of those deals. Things like free equipment, cash back, etc.

Of course, we've got nothing to show out of it. They basically offered us a plan where we can pay 20 dollars more per month for ALL of their channels (normally $30). I don't know if its worth it. I'm thinking about writing into the consumerist about it, but I'd like to see what you guys have to say about it first... do any of you have any experience dealing with Comcast?

This is why I wanted Verizon FiOS in the first place. Hurry up and be available in my area!

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Adriel said...

Hi joe! It's Adriel...I read your blog every now and again and I feel it's time to comment.

I absolutely hate comcast

...a lot

last summer, stu and I had an appartment together and we got comcast. It was fine for a while, then all of a sudden, after we got back from 2 weeks in Scotland, our box was just broken. It wouldn't turn on and just made a weird buzzing noise. So they came and fixed it (one of us had to take off of work) and then charged us somewhere around $40.

Then, for our third month of service, our comcast bill magically doubled. We called to complain about it, and it turns out that the price that we had for the first two months was merely a "promotional" price and we were nwo getting charged the full ammount. We complained and said we weren't informed about it and they assured us that it was in the fine print. So, we looked over all of our contracts, and lo and behold....the promotional fee was nowhere to be found. After we told them that, they still wouldn't change it. Luckily tho, we were moving out of the appartmnet in like a week, so we just cancled our service.

I dunno if that'll help you at all, but rest assured that someone is sharing your displeasure with comcast.

joen05 said...

Adriel! Wow I had no idea you read this. That makes me feel good :-)

Yeah unfortunately we're stuck with Comcast for now, and a $186 bill for all of our services. I can't wait to get Verizon... this has been a hassle from day one.

How are things at school? How is senior project?

MandyPoo said...

I don't have Comcast...I have Bellsouth (don't know if you have that in your area or not)...

But they sound equally as ignorant as Comcast judging by your blog.

I was very misinformed by the saleswoman I spoke to when signing up, ended up paying alot more than what I thought, and they keep upgrading my plan without asking me. After calling and not-so-politely telling them what I thought of their service, my plan was reduced by almost half.

Sometimes it pays to complain. ;o)