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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Movies This Weekend! 2/14/08

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Hey all, time for the weekly movies update. Seems like this is the only post I'm getting in recently. I actually tried to blog over at the new place yesterday, but it took so long to get the internet set up (wireless) that I wasn't able to. Dang security settings on the wireless. On the plus side, it looks like I have a pretty strong signal in my new room, so it should be great for the blogging. I've also adjusted my hours at work, so I should have more time to blog.... though it is making me tired more quickly. I'm actually pretty tired right now, but I'll pull through for this update!

I'll also be trying to comment more on your blogs.... I know I've been lacking in comments but I have been reading. Great stuff guys... keep it up and I'll work at the comments. Trying to build this blog back up to what it once was!

Anyway, onto the movies for the weekend. Early releases this week, with movies coming out on Valentine's day (Thursday) instead of Friday. I'm pretty excited about a lot of the movies that come out this week.. so without further ado:

The Spiderwick Chronicles - Based on the bestselling book series. Strange things begin to happen to the Grace family when they move into the New York home of their great great uncle, Arthur Spiderwick. Unable to find the cause of the strange occurrences in their home, the family blames Jared. As Jared and his twin, along with their sister Mallory try to find out the real cause, they uncover the real secrets of the Spiderwick Estate.

How's it gonna do - I'm really excited about this one. I love the fantasy type movies, like Harry Potter, and this one seems like that. I've been looking at the banner every day at work, and it just gets me more excited. A must see for me I think. I'll probably watch it tomorrow! :-)

Definitely, Maybe - Starring Ryan Reynolds as Will Hayes, a father in his 30s going through a divorce. His daughter (played by Abigail Breslin), wants to know more about how her parents met and fell in love. Will takes her through an idealistic story of a young politician, learning the ways of New York City, and his relationship with three different women. However, he changes the name of the women, and leaves his daughter to guess which one is her mom.

How's it gonna do - I think this one has pretty good potential as a RomCom. It's story seems a bit more serious than last week's big hit Fools Gold, but I think it could be perfect for the upcoming hallmark holiday. I have a feeling there will be several ladies dragging their men to this movie this weekend. I've heard good things though guys, so it shouldn't be as horrible as you might think! It cracks the top 3, ending up as.... #3.

Step Up 2 The Streets - The sequel to the wildly popular Step Up. This one follows the story of the rebellious dancer, Andie. She is trying to fit in at the elite Maryland School of the Arts. Here, she meets Chase, one of the hottest dancers at the school. This one brings back much of the original crew from the first movie.

How's it gonna do - Sorry for the bad synopsis, but it just kinda ended on Rotten Tomatoes. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about this one too. I enjoyed the first one after being forced to watch it, and this one has Briana Evigan. She's smokin in the trailers, and I can't wait to see her on the big screen!

Jumper - An Adaptation of Steven Gould's novels of people who can transport themselves through time and space. Starring Hayden Christiansen and Samuel L. Jackson. Also featuring Rachel Bilson.

How's it gonna do - This one has an interesting concept, and it looks action packed, so I think it could do quite well. If I weren't so interested in Spiderwick, I would see this one tomorrow. This one is going to be good, but it also has stiff competition this weekend, which could hurt its overall numbers. A top 5 finish for sure.

That's it for the major releases this weekend. I'm not going to mention the limited releases for now cuz I've been working on this post for about an hour now... lol. Guess I'm not the quickest blogger, that's for sure. I will take my pick for #1 this week. I think it's going to be... and I'm reaching here... Step Up 2. The first one was wildly popular, and this one has some hot songs and dancing going on in it. Here's the trailer!

3 Comments Posted!:

soundtrackgeek said...

Hmm, I wanna see them all actually.

The Spiderwick Chronicles is exciting as I love those kind of movies. The score left me hanging, and I want to see the exciting conclusion.

Definitively, Maybe is more of a maybe for me, but I'll probably end up seeing it on DVD.

Step Up 2. I have to see that now after listening to the great soundtrack. It can't be bad, right?

Rumours has it that Jumper is a stinker (I hope not). The Score by John Powell seems exciting though.

Tam said...

Just found this blog and thinks it's great.

Brief movie reviews with a personal touch, from a guy that works in a movie theatre.

Been looking to subscribe to an RSS feed like this for a while. Keep blogging :)

joen05 said...

Hey soundtrackgeek! I think I'm actually going to be picking up the soundtrack... I'm loving it.

Hey Tam! Glad to see you here, I'll be sure to visit your blog often and comment!