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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Movies This Weekend! 2/1/08

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Hiiii everyone. Welcome back! It's Tuesday, so its time to discuss what movies are coming out this weekend, so that YOU can make an informed decision when you go to the movies. Ok I'm just kidding, you don't HAVE to listen to me, but you can leave comments!

This weekend is a bit weak in my opinion, but who knows, we might have a gem in there somewhere. I certainly didn't expect Meet the Spartans to top the box office last weekend, but lo and behold, there it was. I give myself credit that I picked that movie to watch, and I did watch it so I'll provide a review for ya tomorrow... just so this post can stay up top.

Here we go....

Strange Wilderness - Animal enthusiast Peter Gaulk and his buddy Fred Wolf host a nature show that is slowly dying. In an attempt to save his show, Peter and his colleagues set out to find the one creature that could save their show.... none other than Bigfoot.

Hows it gonna do? - Um... I'm not sure about this one. I've loved the trailer with the shark and found myself impersonating it many a time. However, I just don't see this one doin it for me. I could be wrong, and I might end up catching a few minutes of it during work to see if I am wrong, but I don't picture this one doing well at all. It's rated R, so you know that it's gonna be raunchy. (Gonna be a headache to babysit all the kids tryin to see this one, another reason I'm not looking forward to it)

Well.. that's one down. Let's look and see what else we got in store for us this week.....

Over Her Dead Body - Devastated by the loss of his fiancee, Kate, on their wedding day, Henry agrees to see a psychic (at the urging of his sister) to see if he can get some contact with Kate. Unable to speak to Kate through the psychic, Henry still finds himself falling for the psychic! However, she (the psychic) is now being haunted by Kate's ghost, who decides its her duty to break up the two of them if its the last thing she does!

How's It gonna do? - This one is a cute... date movie I think. I'm sure that some ladies will be dragging their men to this movie. Guys, Eva Longoria Parker is in this one, so that could be something to look forward to in the movie. It has a nice concept, but it doesn't scream blockbuster at all. I think it'll have enough in it to make it to #3 at the Box office at best.

Alright that's two duds in my opinion. So what else to we got? One more major release, according to my source (Rotten Tomatoes). And that one is.........

The Eye - Sydney Wells is an accomplished concert pianist. However, since she was young, she has been blind. However, her dreams come true when a set of eyes becomes available, and she has surgery to restore her sight. With the help of her sister, Sydney begins to learn how to see again. Soon afterwards, she begins seeing strange apparitions and images that no one else can see. People begin to question her sanity as she describes what she sees. However, she needs to figure out if these real or not. Sydney believes someone may have opened up her eyes to a world only she can see....

How's it Gonna do? - Well, I think this one has an interesting concept, and it's got Jessica Alba. Again, I don't see blockbuster with this one, but Jessica will pull people into those seats. This thriller will be the one that the teens will come out in droves to see, much like One Missed Call before it.

Well, that's it for our major releases this week. Again, there are several limited releases, and here they are:

Silence before Bach

Also coming out this week is the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus in concert digital show. I know that this is/has been sold out for weeks, and tons of little critters (you may know them as "kids") may be crowding your local theatre this week. Just keep that in mind.

All that being said, my pick of the week (Not that it'll be #1) is.... The Eye. Sorry, I have a thing for Jessica Alba. :-) Here's the trailer:

There you have it.. movies this weekend! What are you going to see? Something new? or something Old?

5 Comments Posted!:

Deadpoolite said...

Judging from your previews the offerings of this week are quite poor and non-eventful to be honest. And not even Jessica Alba and her one acting expression can save the day:).

By the way the trailer you put on the post is of the original Japanese movie "The Eye" and not the American remake. Maybe you did that intentionally but in any case I noticed so I just mention it:).

Now where is my lollypop? What do you mean "no lollypop". I noticed the origin of the trailer and I want my just reward... Ah you are such a spoilsport...

Take care!

Brian Corder said...

I love that poster from Strange Wilderness, very cool. Much better then the one I've been seeing around.

MandyPoo said...

I think "Over Her Dead Body" would be a cute rental movie, but I don't think I'll pay to see it in the theater.

whatagem said...

I haven't seen one single good movie advertise. Everything out there is pure crap! Eva Longoria is dead and haunting her boyfriend's girlfriend. Oooh, haven't seen that plot before.

The last good movie I saw was Transformers. And that's saying something.

Where have all the good movies gone?

Dianne said...

I have to admit that I also LOVE the preview clip with the "buck-toothed" shark. It cracks me up every time... don't think there's a MOVIE in it, though!