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Monday, November 5, 2007

Movie Buzz: The Mist

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Wow, I just had to take this opportunity to share with you guys a movie that's coming out soon and has a good premise. It's Stephen King's The Mist. I just saw the trailer for it, and it looks pretty intense. Now I haven't been in any situations like the trailer describes, but I have been in some scary situations before. Check out the trailer!

One that I remember is when I was working at the movies. We had to remove an angry guest from a theatre for being drunk and obnoxious. He threatened to come back with his gang and shoot up the place. Now that's not a threat that you get every day at the movies. It's generally a place of fun, right? I was scared, but there were plenty of us there and we handled the situation pretty well. One of the guys who was there was very patient with this guest, and ended up walking him out of the theatre. We did inform the police, however they didn't arrive until well after he left.

It was good to know that those of us there all had each other's backs. We didn't approach him alone, nor did we leave anyone with him. Situations like that tend to get pretty intense when the threatening party doesn't know what he is really doing. I've had this happen several times, but we've always managed to diffuse the situation well. I like how it seemed to bring everyone who worked there closer together rather than causing a panic. From the looks of the trailer for the movie though, their threats seem much more serious, and they don't seem to band together as well as we did...

Go Check out The Mist by Stephen King

3 Comments Posted!:

Fletch said...

EW had a funny blurb about this. Something along the lines of:

"The latest in the ouevre of Stephen King horror. Humidity!"

matt said...

You should tell that guy you know Batman and Superman because you work in the movie business.

joen05 said...

Is it bad that I kinda want to see this?

@Matt, that might've worked. He was tanked out of his mind.