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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Website Goals!

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Hi everyone! I just refound this widget on alexa that gives your traffic ranking. Well, I've previously been monitoring my website success on the How Much is Your Blog Worth posts, but I will also be using this now. It's WAY down at the bottom of my main page if you want to see it, but I'm going to try to increase it every... month we'll say. Currently, I'm at a rank of 1,838,167. Ok, I didn't say it was great, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

On another note,
is a new system for monetizing your blog. As with AuctionAds, they're offering $25 to people who start up, so give them both a look if you're looking to monetize the blog!

Just for fun here, let's see the traffic rankings of my Famous blogs, according to Alexa:

Skittle: 5,561,619
Mrs. Mandypoo:
Blog Cabins: 2,062,642
It's All Good..Gossip: 3,756,778

And for some added competition... here's Matt's:

Mom Yelled My Full Name Last Night
: 13

Whoa!! WHAT THE CRAP MATT?!?! How did you manage that?!?!?! You ever think Alexa makes a mistake? If you do, digg this and let them know!!! I'll probably combine this with my blog worth post next week, but this was fun to start now! I have some catching up to do.... Matt "ranks" higher than John Chow and Problogger! We'll post the rankings again next week!

7 Comments Posted!:

matt said...

What is Alexa? Is that a good thing? And am I like 13 out of the whole world? If so, I rock!

joen05 said...

Matt, alexa is a search engine and pageranking site. And yes, 13 is incredible, and its from the whole world. I will catch up!!!!!


wtf? 13, how did matt score that?? I'm at 187,282 as of today so that isn't bad considering it is out of the whole world! I check my stats daily and love to see them rise!

Good post.

Skittle said...

Well, I now officially feel bad about both myself and my blog. I am Millions below you. What am I doing wrong & how do I fix it?

joen05 said...

@domestic diva, I don't know!!! I tried it a bazillion times to check and make sure. for some reason his links right to!

@skittle, don't worry! you're one of my famous blogs! I've got to take care of them so anything I can do let me know :-)

Fletch said...

I check my traffic (too much) and my technorati authority (often), but try not to overstat myself (easily possible). I end up getting too excited when something good happens (a link from a big site) or too bummed when traffic is lagging (it's currently neither growing nor shrinking, really.

I keep telling myself to ignore the stats and just keep writing good stuff, but it's really hard not to get caught up.

joen05 said...

Fletch, I'm exactly like that too, I check all the time. I guess that's why I'm always looking for new stats, lol.

It is really tough, but I try to keep up with posting too!