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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Movies this Weekend!

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Haven't you been worried about the product that Hollywood has been coming out with recently? I mean, I've enjoyed some of the movies that have been released recently, but there's nothing that's been particularly spectacular. I haven't even SEEN a movie in over a week, and that's unheard of! This week doesn't look too promising, but who knows, you might see something you like, so here goes!

Love Hurts - A Farrelly Brother's movie, starring Ben Stiller and Michelle Mognahan. Stiller plays Eddie Cantrow, a man terrified of commitment. When he finally decides to take the plunge and get married, his seemingly normal wife turns out to be significantly more "interesting". (Read: crazy) Thing begin to turn ugly, and during their honeymoon, Cantrow finds another woman who might just be his true love.

How I think it will do - Well, these guys did make There's Something About Mary so there might be some merit behind this one. This will probably be my screening movie on Thursday, so I'll be sure to let you know how it pans out. From the commercials and synopses I've read, I think it will be ok... the movie to see this week most likely. It's sure to have its funny moments, but I think Stiller might be past his prime. He even looks a little old in the previews, has anyone else noticed that? Well, it's also got an 80% rating on the tomatometer, so hey, check it out if you're goin to the movies! Just noticed that it's rated R too, so that adds to it!

The Seeker - Based on the bestselling novel The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper. Will Stanton has just found out he is the last in a line of warriors who have spent their lives fighting the forces of the dark. Blessed with the ability to travel through time, among other powers, Will uncovers clues that lead him into battle against the rising forces of the Dark.

How I think it will do - I've said before that I'm a fan of the sci-fi/fantasy genre, so this one does have some intrigue for me. I don't think it will perform particularly well at the box office, but it is probably well suited for anyone who likes a good fantasy movie. I don't see this one cracking the top 10, but it should be a decent fantasy movie. Reminds me of Eragon a bit.

Feel the Noise - An aspiring rapper from Harlem, after a run in with some local thugs, runs to a place and father he never knew. He discovers Reggaton, and along with his half brother Javi, begins to realize a dream of becoming a Reggaton star. Along with their dancer C.C. they learn about being true to themselves and each other, culminating in a performance at the New York City Puerto Rican Festival.

How I think it will do - Phew. I don't even know what to say about this one. I know the girl wants to see it but I have a feeling it's going to be pretty... mediocre at best. Omarion's first foray into movies, along with a lot of hip hop artists recently, I don't see this one doing any business at all. It's very crowd oriented, so it will appeal to some people, but not enough to be a hit.

Well, that's it for this week, except for the limited releases. For that, we've got :

My Kid Could Paint That
Michael Clayton
For the Bible Told Me So
Finishing the Game
The Night
Desert Bayou
Lake of Fire (Oct. 3)
Kurt Cobain About a Son (Oct. 3)
Broken (Oct. 3)

In something not movie related, House has been removed from Apple's iTunes store. I personally don't buy shows from iTunes, but I think this is a pretty big loss for Apple and NBC. Oh well, not my loss, but theirs! :-P Anyway, House is on tonight, so anyone who doesn't have anything to watch, go check it out!

4 Comments Posted!:

It's All Good...Gossip! said...

I can't wait to see Heartbreak Kid. I love anything with Ben Stiller, and the clip I saw looked really funny!

Yeah, I noticed he looked old too. He was mostly gray. Not a good look on him!

joen05 said...

I'll be watchin this one tonight! Look for my review!

TaraMetBlog said...

No one's mentioned that The Heartbreak Kid was originally a movie with Charles Grodin and Cybil Shepard. Charles' wife while on their honeymoon also gets a bad sun burn so that part looks similar otherwise the plot seems to be different. In the original Charles falls for Cybil while on his honeymoon and is glad his wife has a sunburn, thus he is the heartbreak kid.

joen05 said...

Wow, I didn't know that Tara, thanks for the info! I hope you do come back!