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Monday, October 8, 2007

Review: Feel the Noise

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I didn't expect this to be great, and it wasn't great, but it wasn't totally unbearable either. Feel the Noise , starring Omarion, is about a wannabe rapper from New York who, after a run-in with a local gang, heads to Puerto Rico to stay with his estranged father. There, with the help of his step brother Javi, he discovers reggaton and they begin to produce hot tracks together. He also finds a girl who he falls for, C.C. After overcoming some local troubles, they manage to sign a record contract and head back to New York.

Once they arrive in New York, the troubles start. Their producer tries to change up the sound they have worked hard to create, and then tries to take advantage of C.C. In the meantime, the gang that was searching for Rob (Omarion) catches up to him. Not gonna spoil what happens if you're planning on seeing it, but I'm assuming its quite predictable.

What was not predictable, was the crowd in the theatre. It's Columbus Day here in the MA, and that means no school for the kiddies (and a paid holiday for me!). However, that also meant that I had to see it with 100 kids who just don't understand how to SHUT THE HECK UP during a movie. Geez, I've never heard so much talking during a movie before. And there were three girls behind me kicking the seat next to me, shaking my seat. She even had the nerve to yell at me when I looked back because of the constant kicking!

I wanted to kick them out, but the girl always tells me to just ignore it, cuz I'm not working. If there weren't so many of the little troublemakers, I would've said something myself. I can't tolerate that. So while the movie itself wasn't great, the crowd made it that much worse.

Guess you can take this as kind of a warning.... Be careful of the movie going crowd. They can make or break the experience.

Feel the Noise gets a 3.5 out of 10. The music was ok.

4 Comments Posted!:

Deadpoolite said...

Sorry dude as soon as I saw the phrase "about a wannabe rapper..." I stopped reading. I just cant take it:)

Does every fricking rapper has to make a movie I wonder? Is it a prerequisite of some sorts... geez...I think if one has seen one 'wannabe rapper movie" he has seen them all to be honest:)

joen05 said...

I understand what you're gettin at man. The girl really wanted to see it, and who am I to say no? lol

ChrisT said...

Who is THE GIRL ? Does she have a name ? What if she was reading this and noticed u phrased her as THE GIRL who knows she might not like it but u never know who am i to say right ? :)

joen05 said...

Hey babe, you finally commented! I will start referring to you as Christ now. :-P