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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Online Merchants

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Everyone has done their fair share of shopping online. I admit that I do it quite frequently myself. One of my favorite online vendors is GoDaddy. I purchased this and several other domains from them, as well as hosting services. The frustration that many people have with these is that there is no one right there to help you deal with any issues. I'm glad to say that while you don't have someone right in front of you with GoDaddy, you can call them and get an immediate response any time of the day! I've done this several times and have always been satisfied with the result.

Their website may be a bit cluttered, but I think that their services are great, and the GoDaddy name is well known. Be sure to visit them for any of your internet domain name, hosting and other online needs!

Newegg is another online store that I approve of. They've always got great deals on electronics, especially computer memory and computer accessories. Also look for them to have special deals every week, and excellent customer service to boot! Again, another good reason to do business online! Keep in mind that doing business online is just as safe as buying in stores!

Also, be sure to check out Coupon Kathy for these great sharper image coupons! Shopping online just got better!

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