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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Box Office Report: October

ShowHype: hype it up!
Time to recap things for the month! First, how much is this blog worth now?

My blog is worth $15,242.58.
How much is your blog worth?

Not bad huh? A pretty big increase over what the worth was last time. I've finally got the technorati ranking up to almost what is was before (30). Let me know if you'd like me to add you to my technorati favorites, we can exchange the favors! As you know, I'm trying to build up my network of blogs, so feel free to visit the ones on the right and add them too... it's much appreciated!

Now for the monthly famous blog. When I decide that you're famous, I give you some stumble love, add you to my NewsFire feed reader, and also add you in to the famous blogs section of the forum over at To Infiniti and Beyond! This month, I think it's someone who really deserves it. It's been a while coming for him, but I'm proud to announce that October's famous blog is.....

Mom Yelled My Full Name Last Night

Congratulations, Matt! You've been there from the very beginning with me, and it's time that you get the recognition that you deserve. I don't know what it is about the writing over there, but it always draws people. He gets tons of comments, and lots of loyal readers, and he should get some more! I mean, cmon.. the guy works at NASA for chrissakes!!! I do admit that he wasn't as excited about the Red Sox winning the world series as he should have.. but I guess that's ok. He was also recently rewarded with a PR of 2!!! Congrats again Matt!

Send the link love his way.. and visit his great blog! Oh.. btw matt, they updated your alexa ranking... sorry.

Speaking of alexa ranking, mine has gone up again! See the bottom of my page for the results. I didn't hit as many pageviews as I would've liked, but again, I appreciate all of the time that you guys spend reading my blog. I know its not always the most interesting thing in the world, but I am proud of my work and I hope you enjoy it sometimes. I really enjoy reading your comments and visiting your blogs as well, though I've been a bit busier than I've been before, running so many blogs. The feed reader should help though! :-) Check out newsfire if you have a mac!

The following posts will return to more movie related themes, with PayPerPost thrown in sometimes! Look for:
  • Some sort of video podcast at some point!
  • New Rules at the movie theatre!
And much more. That's the report for this month.. only one more till another one!

10 Comments Posted!:

MandyPoo said...

First, congrats to Matt. You're finally famous - how's it feel?

And second, I signed up for Technorati a few weeks back but that is basically all I've done with what do I do??? lol!

matt said...

I'm actually speechless at the moment. Ok, I'm back now. Wipe that tear. I couldn't be more excited. My day has finally come and I want to thank everyone. Even the small people, you know who you are. This has inspired me to continue my writing. I'll get started on that tomorrow though.

ps. Mandypoo, NASA keeps blocking stuff on your page and I can't do anything on it. What kind of page are you running over there?

joen05 said...

Hey mandypoo! Now you can start adding people as your favorites! Technorati ranks you based on how many people link to your blog and also how many people have favorited you!

If you need any more info, let me know!

Hey Matt, can't wait for the next post.

MandyPoo said...

Matt - lol, are you serious? Or are you just messing with me, because I'm pretty I'm curious!!! I don't have anything crazy on my site...that I know of...

And Joe, I just went and favorited you, so maybe your rank went up...

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