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Monday, October 1, 2007

Million Euro Wiki

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Hey everyone, just browsing around on the internet and found another opportunity I'd like your advice on. I've been looking to purchase a page on the Million Euro Wiki. Pages run for 75 euro, or about $100. That's a lot of money. However, the benefits are that the site is going to go viral soon, and that you can do whatever you want with a page that's going to be hosted for free, for life. Well.. what do you guys think? Should I give it a shot? Or should I just stick to trying to build up traffic the regular way?

As with everything, there's a risk involved. It looks like a good promotion, but its a lot of money. Who knows what will happen from it though? Please let me know what you think, yes or no. As always, your opinions are important to me! As a reader, or perhaps blogger yourself, would you even consider it?

Blogging has been really fun for me, but I always worry about what people think when I try something new with monetization. I know the blog is not very old, and not established yet, but its something that I care about, and something that I plan on doing for a long time to come. My readers are important to me, and I admit I do like reading comments, and replying to them! The community feel of a blog is something I really like! However, trying to satisfy some of my own personal goals seems to have drawn criticism, and it does bother me sometimes.

I mean, I've been trying to work on my other blog as well, and when things don't work I get so frustrated. For example, my feeds aren't working and my wordpress install is messed up on that blog, but I've been trying really hard to find solutions, sometimes spending way too much time on it! It's the same here when I customize, or when I read blogs! It sometimes takes up too much time... but I get attached!


That's all for now, hopefully I will get some responses. If I do decide to do this you can be sure that your links will be there! Ummm.. if this was too serious for you.. maybe this will make you laugh :-). (NSFW)

NEW: Decided not to do it.. would rather spend my money on something else, perhaps hosting on the new blog I started!

2 Comments Posted!:

MandyPoo said...

I see that you decided not to do it, and I don't know much about that site, but "no" would have been my advice anyway because $100 seems like alot to drop when your site hasn't been live for too terribly long yet. All hope is not lost yet - give it some time!

joen05 said...

I haven't lost all hope, I just need to develop more patience, lol. I could use the money for other stuff anyway, who cares about viral marketing, right?