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Friday, September 21, 2007

Review: Resident Evil - Extinction

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resident evil 3The third incarnation of the series is in the books, and the reviews are.. eh. For anyone who hasn't seen the previous two films, here's a quick recap:


The Umbrella Corporation has created a mutagenic biological weapon known as the T-Virus. Being researched at the hive underneath Raccoon city, the Red Queen (intelligent computer running Raccoon City) decides that the only way to save the whole is to kill those inside the hive. It also wipes the memory of Alice (seen left). Alice ends up in the hive, where all of the staff are now infected, and undead. After destroying the Red Queen, Alice and one other manage to escape, though they are captured by the Umbrella Corporation to be used for additional research towards the T-virus. Alice later awakens to find Raccoon city in ruins, and seemingly abandoned.

In the second installation, an Umbrella Corporation returns to the hive (roughly half a day after the first one ended) to open it up and find out what happened. They are quickly slaughtered by the T-virus infected zombies inside. With the doors to the hive now open, the undead quickly overrun Raccoon City. As citizens attempt to make their way to the quarantine areas, the infection reaches them, and they are ordered to go back into the city or be killed by the Umbrella Corporation. Meanwhile Alice awakens, and having been experimented on by the Umbrella Corporation, has developed superhuman abilities from the T-virush. Inside the city, several STARS and Umbrella soldiers realize that Umbrella has betrayed them. They strike a deal with the scientist who developed the T-virus, rescuing his daughter in exchange for escape. Alice aids them, but as they are about to be extracted, Nemesis appears and tries to kill them. Alice defeats Nemesis, and they escape. Raccoon city is then destroyed by a nuclear warhead. Alice's escape helicopter is caught in the blast, and she is impaled, presumably dead. The film continues to show her brought back to Umbrella and again experimented on. She is "rescued", but her eyes flash the Umbrella logo, setting up the next film.


The third film picks up where the second one left off..duh. Umbrella is unsuccessfully trying to use Alice's blood to create a cure for the T-Virus. Lots of blood and gore ensue. I'm not going to spoil it because there are some of you out there who WILL see the movie.

I will tell you that I did enjoy the movie. It wasn't the greatest, but the director did a good job of creating moments where you knew you would jump. It has a sense of predictable fear to it. You kind of know what will happen before it does, but it works. The story is decent, nothing spectacular, and does work to explain more what is going on with Umbrella. This third installation does keep the "feel" of the other films, so if you didn't like those, its likely you won't like this one. However, there is some good blood and gore, and Milla does a decent job.

Good movie for getting the ladies to jump into your arms guys. ;-). Ladies, an excuse to get close to that special guy, ;-).

I'm giving it a 6 out of 10. If you see it, let me know what you think! Oh, and at the end of the credits, there is something that is somewhat creepy... kinda creeped me out a bit.

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Kayla said...

I started watching the second installation last night (having never seen any of them) and had my boyfriend explaining the storyline from all the video games in the meantime. From his perspective, the parts of the movies he's seen stray enough from the video games to tick him off, and from my perspective, zombies just aren't that scary. I wouldn't mind seeing the third one because it looks like it could be a decent action movie, though.

Kay said...

I think I tried watching the first Resident Evil movie, and it wasn't really my thing. I'm impressed that you remember the details from the first two so well! Sometimes if a movie doesn't make much of an impression on me, I forget details here and there.

joen05 said...

Kayla, you're right about the movies differing from the video games.. its more like movies based on the games rather than about the games. People did get ticked off, lol. It did have some decent action if you're going to see it.

@Kay, yeah, this is defintely not for everyone. I went into them not expecting much and ended up enjoying em. Sometimes you gotta do that. :-P

Calista*Was*Here said...

To jump into someone's arms?!
Out of fear?! LoL

Emily Rose said...

What was creepy at the end? All I heard was her saying "you're just another asshole" again that was in the movie.

joen05 said...

Its creepy when you're cleaning theatres... well for me anyway.

Deadpoolite said...

The Resident Evil movies are beyond redemption. Not even a topless Milla Jovovich could save those atrocities from the wrath of a Resident Evil videogames fan....that would be me then:)

So "Resident Evil Extinction" is a suitable title indeed. The damn franchise should be definitely extinct:)

Heh, yeah I am being really "objective" and "mature" about this I know:)