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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let's Make Someone Famous: Blog Cabins!

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All right, I dropped the ball on making someone famous this week, I was so excited about writing for Film School Rejects! Anyway, this week I thought I'd give a shout out to a fellow movie blogger, Blog Cabins!

As you can tell from the banner picture above, he writes insanely important film reviews. So insanely important in fact, that they rival my own. For his most recent review, Fletch took on Two Days in Paris. Not to be confused with a movie of similar name. Please don't. To go along with his reviews, he's got an extremely innovative rating system! Here's an image of it:

Isn't this great? It's awesome to be able to visualize how good a movie should be after you've read the review! I mean, if a movie is insanely awesome, and Fletch gives it a "Best of the Best", you get to relate it to Karate Kid! I think its pretty incredible. Only wish I thought of it first. :-\

Anyway, besides insanely important film reviews, Fletch also provides commentary on dvds, movies that should and shouldn't be made, and an analysis of movies that are coming out! The latter is known as TGITDNMAR. Classic. Some other recent stuff includes an interesting analysis on the poster for the Game Plan, and some insight on one of the first movies my family owned, Kindergarten Cop!

One of this other articles that I really liked was on Full House. Could this be made into a movie! Visit Blog Cabins to find out!

Well, that's all for now. Let's congratulate Blog Cabins on becoming famous by taking a gander over to his blog!

Disclaimer: Becoming Famous, while awesome, does not guarantee any results. I'm working on methods of getting these peeps tons of hits, so bear with me!

8 Comments Posted!:

whatagem said...

Dude, seriously! There is so much STUFF at the bottom, I had a hard time finding the comments button!! :o)

I just came to look at the cute picture again. I love that photo. Makes me wanna run to Mom's house and find my own baby pics.

Skittle said...

I'll have to go check it out. Gem has a have to look hard to leave a comment. But for a fellow supporter, I'll continue to do it.

joen05 said...

Sorrry guys. I'm working on a way to fix it right now!

joen05 said...

Guys I made the changes, please let me know if anything else doesn't look right on your browsers, I'm trying to optimize it for everyone!

MandyPoo said...

Wow - you've highlighted a movie rival...brave! lol. Now I'm on my way to check his blog out...

joen05 said...

We're all friends around here... hopefully right?? Always glad to help out a buddy!

Fletch said...

The way I see it, we're all friends until we're all seperately the size of FSR. Then we can become rivals.

Thanks beaucoup mucho lots for the shout outs! I really appreciate it.

joen05 said...

No Prob, my man. Always glad to help another fellow blogger! Hey who knows, maybe we will be as big as FSR one day!