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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Review: Good Luck Chuck

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Two movies in one week, really livin on the edge now! This time it was Good Luck Chuck. Have to say that I did enjoy this one, it reminded me a bit of 40 year old Virgin, but with Jessica Alba and Dane Cook. And we all know that Jessica is nice to look at. :-)

The basic premise is that our pal Chuck Logan (Dane Cook) is cursed. Any girl he goes to do the deed with will end up finding true happiness.... with the next guy she finds. Soon enough, the ladies are lining up to get their hands on him, so that they can find that next guy. Chuck, however, wants to find real love, but his curse prevents him from doing that.

Not gonna spoil it for anybody planning on seeing it, but I think you can predict what happens. There are some slight twists, but nothing too crazy. Alba is delightfully klutzy and her character is easy to like. I think Cook overacted at some points, but that might have been what the director wanted. And you can't have one of these without a foul mouthed sidekick, and that was Chuck's pal Stu (Dan Fogler). Being rated R, this movie also had its fair share of nudity for people looking for that, and no, Alba does not.

Overall your typical romantic comedy. It has a good premise, and delivered what I wanted. Seeing Cook and Fogel's characters as children was hilarious! Having Alba in this film certainly helped, and the crowd was roaring with laughter at some points. Not extremely vulgar and potentially offensive like Superbad, this is one people should enjoy! It should also make you think differently about grapefruit.

I forgot to mention, the homemade tape at the end is really cute! :-P

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Calista*Was*Here said...

I like Jessica Alba, she reminds me of me, lol!

Calista*Was*Here said...

And I must fuel you.
You deserve it!


Skittle said...

I'm on the fence as to whether I'll see this one. I like romantic comedies, but I also hate when they over do a quirk. (i.e. License to Wed, that got on my nerves 15 minutes into the movie) I think I may wait to rent it.

joen05 said...

Thanks Calista! I appreciate the fuel!

@Skittle, it wasn't tooo quirky, except when Cook started overacting. The clumsiness bit kinda faded into the background.. it is at least worth a rent though.

It's All Good...Gossip! said...

Glad you liked it! I wasn't sure what to think from the previews, but I might just give it a chance. (especially since you mentioned 40 Year Old Virgin - which I loved!)

Karen said...

well done ! You've got your own web address !! And even a whole lot of ads. You doing well financially from you blog ? I've updated your link.

MandyPoo said...

I am definitely going to see this! (If not in the movies I will definitely rent it).

joen05 said...

Hey Karen, those ads are pretty much just for referrals, lol. No one paid for them, I just made it look like they did. The new address was the make me dedicated to it!

@Mandypoo, go out and see it if you can! It was a great date movie :-P