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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Movies this Weekend!

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Alright, apologies for the lateness of this entry.. I know everyone looks forward to knowing what movies come out on Tuesday! Couldn't pass up the Red Sox game though! Lots of choices this week, so lets get started.

the brave one posterThe Brave One - For Erica Bain (Jodie Foster) the streets of New York are her home and what she lives for, as the host of a radio show, "Street Walk". However, when she and her husband are caught in a violent attack which leaves him dead and her close to it, everything changes. Driven by fear and devastation from her loss, the streets are no longer welcoming. Armed with a gun, she kills first for self defense, but that changes as she tries to reclaim what she lost. As stories of her killings arise, the NYPD begins to go after her. Bain must decide if her quest for vengeance is what she really wants.

How I think it will do - Receiving an 80 on the tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes always helps. This movie really reminds me of a recent one, Death Sentence, except with Jodie Foster instead of Kevin Bacon. That being said, I think it will do ok. It doesn't interest me as much, but I think it will be better than expected.

mr. woodcock posterMr Woodcock - What do you do when your most hated gym teacher starts going out with your mom? Mr. Woodcock (Billy Bob Thornton) specializes in the mental and physical humiliation of his students. Nothing can protect the students from his wrath, running gym more like boot camp than PE. Having overcome the mental and physical abuse of Mr. Woodcock, John Farley (Seann William Scott) has become a national bestselling writer and motivational speaker. Upon returning home to receive his town's prestigious corn cob key, Farley finds his mom has fallen in love with the bane of his childhood. Forced to spend time with him, Farley begins regressing to the insecurities of his childhood. Against the recommendation of his publicist, he extends his stay at home to try to break up the pending nuptials.

How I think it will do - This movie looks funny, but will it actually deliver? It has a chance, but I don't think it will. The cast seems a bit thrown together, and even the poster isn't that appealing to me. I'll probably end up seeing it, but won't be expecting much. That could help this film, the less you expect, the more it could end up being. Superbad will still be better than this one.

eastern promises posterEastern Promises - Starring Viggo Mortensen, and from the director of "A History of Violence", these two once again team up to explore the nature and psyche of their main character Nikolai Luzhin (Mortensen). A driver for one of London's most famous crime organizations/families, Luzhin carefully controlled life begins to fall apart when he meets Anna Khitrova (Naomi Watts), a midwife at a London Hospital. Khitrova is deeply affected by the death of a young teenager during childbirth, and delves into the history of the young girl through her journal. Khitrova's uncle urges her caution as the story is unraveled and the Vory come after her. Caught in the middle, Luzhin finds his loyalties divided, not knowing who to believe.

How I think it will do - A History of Violence was an excellent movie, and director David Cronenburg would be hard pressed to duplicate it. Receiving a 77 on the Tomatometer, it looks like he has, at least to some extent. I don't think that this will match his previous work, but it will do well. Word of mouth will help this one out if it lives up to its predecessor. Probably #2 at the box office this weekend (in my predictions).

dragon wars posterDragon Wars - A fantasy/sci-fi film starring Amanda Brooks and Jason Behr. A young woman is blessed with the power to transform a legendary giant serpent into a dragon who can only ascend with her ultimate sacrifice. However, the forces of darkness are out to claim her for their own. Her reincarnated lover and his mentor stand in their way.

How I think it will do - The commercials for this movie look pretty cheesy, with dragons taking out modern day war machines. I am a fan of fantasy/sci fi movies though, so this might make it to my viewing list. A couple of points to note are that it's already raked in $70 million overseas, and it being the most expensive Korean production yet. It may have a Godzilla effect over here.. but I doubt it. Probably gonna end up more like Godzilla 2000.

Opening in limited release:

In the Valley of Elah
Fierce People
December Boys
Ira and Abby
Angels in the Dust
Moving McAllister
Across the Universe

Of these, I might go see Silk, because Keira Knightley is one of my favorite actresses. Not my usual type of movie, I think it could still be decent. Of the movies that come out this week, I want to see Eastern Promises, followed by The Brave One, then Dragon Wars. Mr Woodcock could be a screening movie, as I'm not expecting much, but we'll see! More later tonight, I've gotta make up for my lack of posting!

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Skittle said...

Maybe I'll even make it to the movie this weekend...I've been bored lately!

joen05 said...

Sweet! There's more than just these if nothing here interests you. :P