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Friday, September 28, 2007

Halo: The Movie (with Trailer)

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According to IMDB, a Halo Movie is scheduled for release in 2009. According to Rotten Tomatoes, however, it could be 2008. Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings Trilogy) will be serving as executive director to the film, in an joint video game/movie venture with Microsoft (from Rotten Tomatoes). The movie is set to be directed by visual effects veteran Neill Blomkamp, who is responsible for the effects for shows such as Stargate SG-1 and Smallville. The movie adaptation of the extremely popular video game franchise is highly anticipated, especially with the recent release of the 3rd installment. (Halo 3) Jackson's special effects studio, WETA, will be working on the project. The estimated budget is $100 Million.

The hype for this movie will only grow as the months go along, with much speculation as to who will be casted for the role of Master Chief. Many fan made trailers have also been produced. Because of the high budget, the film will likely be rated PG-13. However, Jackson is apparently pushing for an R-rated version for the DVD release, and for the hardcore fans of the gaming franchise.

I suspect that this film will perform better than the recent Resident Evil film adaptations, especially with Jackson on the project. He has already started working with it, releasing a semi-live action trailer called "Arms Race" promoting both the movie and the game release. You can check it out below:

Enjoy! Are there any other video games you'd like to see made into a movie?

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Shawn Penson said...

Ha found you. it's Exiton and i would just like to say one thing. How can anyone believe there is justice in the world when Halo gets a movie before Half-Life.

joen05 said...

Hey! Cool! What happened to the guild? I don't see the page anymore!

Shawn Penson said...

TPK? Well I had a heavy work load for a while so i went away for a bit. When i got back there was never anyone online and my friends where no longer members. Mylar created a new guild, send me an in game message and i can hook you up. I think a lot of the 70's went off and joined raiding guilds and it left us short of numbers.

Skittle said...

This whole conversation went over my head. Sorry, Joe! Wanted to stop in for blog support, but all I can say to this one is...Hi!

Oh, and how'd the gf's b-day go?

joen05 said...

Haha, skittle, don't worry about it, that's my MMORPG playing side coming through!

The birthday went great, maybe you can help me with this... what do you do when she refuses your gift because its "too nice"?