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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nothing to do with movies, but....

ShowHype: hype it up!

I got my season tickets to BU hockey today! WOOHOO I love hockey! Pretty good seats too, Section 102, Row C, Seats 13 and 14. Feel free to look up where I'll be sitting at the arena's website. I'm pretty pumped, and I'll definitely be writing about some hockey in here too, as the season gets closer.

I started this post almost 9 hours ago, but I couldn't get some formatting to work, so I put it aside until now. (2:09 am). Since then, I've gone to work and had to deal with one of those people that I absolutely HATE dealing with. Let's set the scene for you. A guy comes in, and buys a student ticket and an adult ticket. He comes back, figuring that he paid one dollar too much, since he should have gotten too. Now I'll let you know that our theatre company's policy is one student ticket per id. I'm glad to waive that if you're nice to me but.....

He storms over to the ticket taker and says quite loudly: "You charged me too much! I should have gotten TWO student tickets, I only got one!"

The ticket taker says: "Uh... go to the box office, they'll figure it out for you there."

So he goes over there and starts screaming at the cashier. He calls me over. When I get there, my cashier tells me that he would like a refund on one of his tickets to get two students instead of one. I ask the cashier if he had two ID's. He said no. I turn to the guest and he says: "You charged me too much. My girlfriend is a student too!"

I ask him: "Does she have her ID on her?"

He says she doesn't and that he insisted she did not bring her purse cuz he was going to pay for her. I said "That's fine sir, but our policy is to only give one student ticket per ID."

He says: "Well then I want another student ticket. And a refund on this adult ticket."

I don't think he's getting this.... "Sir, you already bought a student ticket. I can't sell you another one without another ID."

He screams: "I've NEVER had this problem before and I come here all the time!!!! None of your cashiers have done this before!!"

Ok.. now I'm pissed... I don't like getting screamed at when I'm trying to close up. But I don't scream at him.. I just say: "Well this cashier did the right thing, it's our company policy. I will be sure to inform the other cashiers to work here to make sure they are following this policy, and I assure you it won't be a problem again." (I gotta back my own cashier right?)

Now he asks for a refund. "Are you leaving?" I ask him. "No." "Well then I can't give you a refund then sir."

So he storms back inside, and I leave the box office. As I walk past the ticket taker, he comes back at me and yells at me again! "Why are you making such a big deal out of a dollar!!! It's a DOLLAR!!" (Duh... I realize this too, I'm just backing my cashier. Not gonna make him look like an idiot. And isn't he making a big deal out of a dollar too?)

The next thing he says really surprises me and I want to laugh in his face. "Well next time I come here, I'm going to buy one ticket, walk into the parking lot, give it to someone, then come in and buy ANOTHER STUDENT TICKET!!!" Ok.. like this really affects me...

I just walk away. I'm done dealing with him. He's missing his movie and I have work to do. But THEN...

He yells across the lobby: "I have a Ph.D!!!!!" Ok.. and I'm a movie theatre manager. Whoop de doo. Guess what, you're at the movies. I run the show here... I don't care if you have a Ph.D. And if you have a Ph.D... does $1 really affect you? Yeah movies are expensive. But when the rich start complaining about $1.. you know that something is going wrong in the world. Afterwards my cashier told me that his girlfriend looked 40, and that's why he asked for her student ID. All in all, it was a pretty funny experience. If I had an extra dollar with me, I would have waited outside his movie just to give him his dollar back. How would he feel then?

Even better, I wish he had went to go get his girlfriend like he said he would. I'm sure she would have loved to see that. Wow, I go out with a big d-bag! Congratulations!

I hope he does come back and do his little ticket buying scam. I'll just tear his tickets politely.

"Theatre #2, on your left. Enjoy the show!"

I love people.....

6 Comments Posted!:

Jim Hohmann said...

Wow, that's crazy. If he went through all that for one dollar, just imagine what he did when he found out about all those $300 fees that didn't affect him in his tuition bill.

And if he really has a Ph.D, what's he doing studenting? I could be wrong but I thought nothing was higher than the Ph.D.

joen05 said...

I should've asked him about that afterwards, but I really didn't care at that point. Next time I'll point that out.. haha. "You've already graduated with a Ph.D. I'm sorry you're no longer a student."

Prin said...

A PhD getting student tickets? What's up with that? The guy must be, what, thirty by now?

I would have said, "Oh, you're a PhD? Then you should have paid the full price too. Gimme your ticket. I'll get the extra dollar added on." hehe..

After PhD, there's post-docs... But if you're smart enough, and in the right field, by your Master's you should already be getting paid and have less need to save a buck on your date. :D

starttothink said...

Now that is hilarious!

You're right. If he has a PhD, why the heck is he griping about a buck?

Kind of like the Mercedez in the Sonic drive-thru I saw. He was complaining out his window to the speaker that the double-cheeseburger was a dollar more. I was thinking, "Gee, if a dollar is a big deal, perhaps you shouldn't be driving a Mercedez? Just a thought."

How much you want to bet the guy at the movies pumps premium gasoline 'cause it's "only the best" for his Lincoln Navigator?

joen05 said...

Haha, I just read the last two comments and laughed out loud. Just what I needed after a long day. No complaints today.. actually everything went pretty smoothly!

Anonymous said...


wonders of the movie theater. :)