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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Making the Movie Experience Better!

ShowHype: hype it up!

There are several ways to go about this.. one I don't recommend is one my sister found here. Basically he is writing about how to scam a movie theatre. I'll admit that those tricks work sometimes, but you're bound to get caught sometime and have theatres looking out for you. Still, feel free to give one of them a try if you're out for a thrill.

Reading around, I found several other ones that could help in a much more legal way... lol.
  • Never Experience a Bad Movie Ever Again! - Just kidding. However, read reviews before you go to the movies. Where can you find them? Right here, of course! Well, I suppose if you want some more well known sites (for now, anyway) you can try out IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. Yahoo! can also be a good source for this.
  • Watch Movie Trailers - Hey, at least this way you can see the most exciting part of the movie before you go! It'll get you excited about the movie and then you can be let down by the real thing right? Seriously though, watching trailers does build interest for movies, and you can watch all of these from the comfort of your home, this way you don't even have to rush to the movies to see them! Try Apple's website for the best quality in trailers.
  • Buy Your Tickets in Advance - Easy to do, for a small fee. It'll save you the trouble of having to wait in really long lines to buy tickets. Even better, you don't have to rush to the theatre (though i still suggest arriving early to get prime seating. is a good place to get tickets!
There are more of these suggestions at Lifehacker. I've got some of my own suggestions to help you make your movie experience better.
  • Use the bathroom before your movie starts. You won't regret it.
  • If you really want to, bring your own food. Most of the time the theatre will not say anything. Even though I don't really encourage this since theatre profit is made at the stand, you can do it. It brings people to the theatre, which we always like. (We also hope that you don't bring enough and buy some of ours!)
  • For a quieter experience, go during the matinee, or at a late show (after 10 pm). These shows are typically less busy, with mellower crowds, so you can enjoy yourself more.
  • Going during the week and sign up for a rewards card. Theatres tend to give free popcorn one day during the week. You can make that your movie day!
  • Premium Cinema. It costs extra, but the experience is typically much better, with real food and alcohol. Those crowds don't seem so bad anymore, huh?
  • If the theatre doesn't notice something let them know. Most likely it will be fixed immediately.
  • Build your own theatre... its possible.
  • If you don't want to watch ads, either show up right at the scheduled start time (when trailers begin) or come early to get a seat, then go to the lobby for a snack or video game before the trailers! (Or visit the bathroom)
  • Come to my movie theatre. I'll take care of you, if you mention this blog!
Kung Fu Monkey has a suggestion for theatre owners out there, you can find that here.

I agree with many of the comments and what he has written here for the most part. It's hard to get those ushers when we have to keep cutting payroll and doing more with less. The more people that go, the more staff there will be, and the more likely your experience will be good. Hope I've helped with these suggestions! Let me know if you think of anything!

10 Comments Posted!:

Johnskibeat said...

Some fine tips. I'm not a popcorn fan but I always buy a bucket of coke. And I try and get in my seat a good 20 minutes before show-time... it really makes a difference!

Oh, and of course you can link to my blog. I'll link to yours if that's okay!

Steven said...

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has any information on this beautiful redheaded little girl call your
local police dept.


matt said...

I'll just come let you take care of me. One day I'll be in Boston and be expecting the best movie experience ever. Can I go up to the room with the little square window that houses the projector?

joen05 said...

Haha, of course you can come to up to the booth. Let me know if you're ever around!

Ash said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog, much appreciated.

I've added a link to your blog on mine.

keep up the good work, your blog's great!



Kay said...

I must confess that I always bring my own candy to the movies -- it's cheaper that way.

Cool blog. About four years ago I spent one summer as a cashier at a movie rental store. That was probably the best summer job I ever had. I loved all of the free movies. What's your favorite movie of all time?

joen05 said...

That's a tough one Kay. I'll have to think about it and get back to you on that one. I'll make that post just for you!

Prin said...

I like the previews (unless they're regular tv ads), but I'm always late for everything, so I always miss them anyway.

Is it better up in the booth? I always wondered why people in the back row didn't just wait for the dvd. :D

The booth reminds me of a time when a friend of mine went to see a movie and supposedly, the whole thing played upside down. Needless to say, they got their money back. :D

joen05 said...

Definitely quieter up in the booth, only thing that you hear is the rattle of the projector (not that bad) but the speakers in the theatre are MUCH better. When I watch a movie by myself, I definitely sit in the theatre. If you miss the previews, check out what I have in the post or one of my other links!

burd said...

Great movie tips, yes, but i do disagree with reading movie reviews. Mostly cuz a buddy in college read them nonstop and so he was the most annoying person to go see a movie with cuz he's always like "i read that's awful, i won't see it" and crap like that. He also talked all through movies too. That's just not my cup of tea but whatev! Keep up the good work mavieman!