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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I think I've found a niche

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Wow, what an episode of Hell's Kitchen tonight. Two people eliminated in one night again! I had a feeling Josh had it coming to him, and I knew Julia didn't have what it takes in the end. She was great while she lasted, but at the same time she didnt' have the fine dining knowledge it takes to succeed on the show. I am glad, however, that Gordon Ramsay did decide to put her through culinary school so she could get that knowledge. Many people think that he was playing favorites by keeping her around as long as she was, but she was much better than most people thought she was.

Enough about that though.

When I created this blog, it was mainly to be able to write about the random thoughts and things I think about during the day. In doing searches online, I also realized that its possible to make money through blogging. There are so many things involved in having a monetarily successful blog, such as:

Original content
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There are so many other things which I am also learning about now. After reading all of that, where does it leave me? I need to find something that will make this blog stand out from the millions or even billions of other blogs out there. But what do I, a recent college grad working as a programmer and movie theatre manager have to offer? I've decided that in addition to all of my random rantings and postings on this blog, I'll try to offer something useful that I do have access to.

Imagine this, you're at a movie, and the credits are rolling. Your kids, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, whoever you may be with, really really wants to leave. Maybe you have dinner reservations, or they're just getting cranky and want to go home. You, on the other hand, have a feeling that there might be something at the end of the credits that only true moviegoers who stay get to see. How do you convince them to stay?

Well I may have your solution to that. Being a theatre manager, I usually get a chance to see what happens after the credits while I wait with my crew to clean a theatre. Being there as the credits roll, I can see if there is anything at the end of the credits! I'm not guaranteeing I'll be able to do this for every movie, but I can at least give you some insight as to whether or not you should stay. Most likely this will be a weekly thing, and you can check in here before you go to the movies and plan accordingly.

So, tell me what you think? Could this be the niche that this blog needs to get noticed, and earn me the money that I can use to get my car? Let me know what you think!

Or of course, you could always wait, and buy the DVDs

3 Comments Posted!:

Jenn said...

i wonder if i click on links, if you'll still get money?

but of course, that entitles me to a 20 percent share of the profits.

maybe i can buy that bike i want. :)

starttothink said...

Heck yeah! I'd check it out!
I'm always curious to stay because I'm checking out who did a song in the movie, so I usually end up staying anyways.
I also like that eerily quiet time immediately following the last note of the ending credits music. I have no idea why.

joen05 said...

Well one response is good enough for me to do this, I'll try to start this friday, after I go to work!