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Monday, July 23, 2007

Cars and more...

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Like I've mentioned before, my main goal over the next few months is to purchase a car. I'm sure many of you out there know how much freedom having your own car can give you. Now this may be a little dumb on my part, but a lot of car shopping that I've done is more based on what I want as opposed to what I should actually be getting. That being said, I've pretty much made up my mind on what I'm going to be getting. I would like your opinions also though! Please feel free to leave a comment, so I can see what YOU think I should get.

For those of you out there who are looking to buy a car, here is a website I suggest. Awesome for those of you who have never bought a car before (like me) or even the seasoned haggler.

In tech news, those of you who are considering purchasing a new Blu-Ray player might want to check this out. I haven't jumped on the Blu-Ray revolution yet, but I do honestly think that it's going to beat out HD-DVD.

Finally, everyone's favorite old news, the iPhone! I've personally played around with it a few times at the Apple store (I'm an Apple fan, also) but I don't see the economical sense it makes to buy this phone right now. I'm currently with Sprint and I use a Treo which offers a lot of the same functionality of the iPhone (though not all) for much less per month. A lot of you out there may put Sprint towards the bottom of the major cell phone companies in the US, but if you are a good customer, they will take care of you well. No one ever mentions in the comparisons that a lot of Sprint services, especially internet, cost a lot less than AT&T's if you know the right tricks. So while the iPhone may be the hot device of the day, I'm gonna hold out for the 6G iPod and the New Mac OSX

Well, I'd better be getting back to work. I'll post another update tomorrow, after I've seen tonight's Hell's Kitchen!

EDIT: Poll has been removed, but feel free to leave a comment still!

3 Comments Posted!:

Supicha said...

Good luck with car shopping. I'm buying a car soon too and I don't know anything about cars. I'm just going to have my dad choose it for me.

Anonymous said...

what car are you going to get? and where is this poll? this blog confuses me sometimes. I'm too used to livejournal.

joen05 said...

I actually removed the poll, I thought it was taking up too much space.