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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Horton Hears a Who's that behind me??

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The answer to that question is nobod. Horton's been kickin some butt. Man.. it's been a busy weekend over here! I knew it was gonna be that way when people were lining up with their kids before we opened. Who really goes to the movies at 10 am? I'll tell you. 185 people, kids and parents. And that was just for one movie. What I do like about the early morning crowd is that they're really appreciative that we're open early, and are generally very pleasant to serve.

I even found out that the weather does affect people's decision to come to the movies. It actually went like this (directly from a guest)

  1. We already wanted to go to the movies, but were going to wait for a late afternoon show of Horton Hears a Who.
  2. Decided to leave earlier... but there is bad weather (rain).
  3. Well.. don't really want the kids at home all day, so this is good idea. Going to the movies keeps them out of the house so that it doesn't get messed up inside.
I was surprised. I mean, we always think that the weather will make business pick up, but it must really be true. How about you? Does it affect your choice?

Actually, it's pretty funny... I think that a majority of the people who read this... minus Fletch, don't really go to the movies that often. What really goes into the decision to go to the movies?

Anyway, Horton has been going crazy this weekend. It's going to be the top movie by far, which is kinda what I expected, but wasn't completely sure. I guess I should have known because of how well all the kids movies have been doing recently. What's nice is that kids movies always do well, but often they don't even get close to being something that would be considered great cinema. I think part of great cinema is getting people out of their homes and to the movies. Without these types of movies, theatres probably wouldn't exist!

The day continues on though, and things can't stay good all day. The droves eventually overwhelemed the staff that I had working, and I was all over the place, selling tickets, concessions, and cleaning. And I still go to take the time to hear from several people that I wasn't trying hard enough, that I needed to force people to come in. You try telling teenagers that you need help and they need to come in. Not as easy as you might think!

Got through it though, and I'm ready for it again tonight. Hopefully I won't have as many complaints, and I will be able to relax a bit. I need to go see Horton now though....

That's all for now, more tomorrow, including my pick for a name for Mandypoo's site!

3 Comments Posted!:

MandyPoo said...

What goes into my decision as to whether to go the movies? It's simple. Do I have an extra $20 laying around, do I have a babysitter, and is the movie worth $20?

Can't wait to see what you come up with for my site name, by the way!

Emily Rose said...

I saw Horton Hears a Who and I actually liked it better than I thought I would. There are some parts in it that had me cracking up cause they were so random and funny. Then there were some weird parts where it sorta creeped me out. haha.

joen05 said...

I wanna seeee it now too, Emily! No time though... I'll have to make some