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Friday, January 4, 2008

Coupon Jellies

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Now that is one interesting name for a website. You don't usually associate coupons and jelly, unless you are buying jelly, and using a coupon. Hmmm.. ok so I'm not the most creative person, but that's why I show you the movies and I don't make them myself! Who knows though, maybe one day.

Anyway, onto our friends over at Coupon Jelly. As you might have inferred from the name of their website, this is a site that offers coupons that you can use towards online purchases. An example that they have is for Dell Coupons. That could save you a bunch when you're buying your next Dell, so when you think Dell, think Jell! Ok... I tried. And failed again miserably.

If you head over to their website, you find a spiffy site where you can search for coupons to use online. The team over at Coupon Jelly guarantees that they won't rest until they find the best possible deal for you. That's a pretty big promise, let me tell ya. With more than 20 people scouring the web for you, you're sure to find a great deal. They save you all the trouble of having to go look yourself. You can just go to one website, and search for the deal there instead of jumping from site to site. A pretty neat idea, in my opinion.

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