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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Some Cool Things I did this Weekend

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Folks, I apologize again, but my schedule has been so busy lately. I know I said I'd try to provide more regular updates, and I'm going to try again starting now. How does a Box Office Update sound? Lame? It's ok, I'm going to do one anyway ;-) (Later on Tonight!)

Just thought I'd mention some cool things I've come upon recently!

Scented Gift Cards. They smell like popcorn! Get em at one of your local theatres, they make a great gift! Another tip about em. If you spend a certain amount of money, I think it's $50, you get a free popcorn and drink coupon for yourself! So treat a loved one to the gift of movies and you can get free snacks next time you go to the movies yourself.

There was nothing truly eventful happening at the movies this weekend. However, I did try to go see a movie, and couldn't see it for two reasons:
  • Parking in Downtown Boston can be near impossible to find!
  • There was a fire alarm at the theatre. I never made it in, but I saw the fire trucks and the crowd and decided to avoid it altogether.
I've had to deal with my share of fire drills, and they're no fun at all. Imagine having a thousand angry guests... all wanting to finish their movies and then getting a free movie on top of it. I understand they're angry, and it's disruptive, but if we did have a fire, didn't we just get everyone out successfully? I don't know, I think our crew usually does a good job of informing people of the situation and trying to keep everyone calm.

I have no problem giving everyone a free movie. Hey, its usually not our fault that an alarm gets triggered, but we like to keep people happy. My main issue is I can never get my staff to our designated meeting area. We end up stuck near the doors because people are crowding to get back into the theatre. I can understand that they're anxious to get back it, but it might not be safe, and that puts my staff in the most danger, seeing as they're now closest to the building. I have to make sure they are ok as well. Something about the mob mentality makes people press closer and closer towards the doors, and people don't walk back in, they RUSH in... causing more chaos. Blah.

Anyway, I also bought a new car this weekend, and went to the car show! You can find an update about that soon over at one of my other blogs, I'll let you guess which one ;-).

My Terriers lost twice this weekend. ::tear::. Anyone else like hockey?

I have no internet, so I can't post this now. Hopefully I will have some tomorrow, when I try to post this. Busy day at work, gotta work on a difficult translation trace program. (Don't ask) Until the update!

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