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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Movies This Weekend!

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Gettin this one in a bit earlier than usual this week (I think). Looks like the long weekend didn't provide more time for blogging for me. I wish it did, but I filled it with a plethora of other things, like furniture and car shopping, and also eating out at a few restaurants. I guess I'm no John Chow, so I won't spare you the details of my meal. I will however, provide you with some details on movies opening this weekend!

Beowulf - The movie based on the olde English epic poem. Beowulf does battle against Grendel and his extremely seductive mother (Angelina Jolie). An epic battle between a heroic warrior and a hellish beast.

How I think it will do - This one looks like it's going to do really well. Opening in Digital 3-D as well as IMAX Digital 3-D, this one is taking advantage of all the latest technology. Combined with the incredible amount of star power in this film, we've got the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster. It opens early on Thursday nights at 9:30, so go ahead and use my search box to go search for those tickets! :-) #1 this weekend.

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - Mr. Magorium's emporium is one of the strangest, most fascinating toy stores around. It only asks one thing of you, and that is that you believe it when you see it. A magical toy store, everything inside, including the store itself come to life. When new owners come in and they don't believe what the store has to offer, kooky things happen.

How I think it will do - This one will definitely appeal to the kids. It looks like a really cute, family film, and that's exactly the kind of people that will be coming to see this movie. I actually think it looks intriguing, and it's the perfect time for this type of movie. Thanksgiving night, this one should be pretty popular. It should help to put people in the holiday mood where Fred Claus did not!

Southland Tales - A follow up to the hit Donnie Darko. Set in a futuristic version of Los Angeles where people are harvesting the power of the ocean to produce energy. Not too much else I've read about it.

How I think it will do - Based on the few words I've read about it, it seems like it could be an ok movie. It's got a ton of stars on it, so it could do ok. It's a bit darker, so it might be the movie that those that don't see Beowulf will go see. I kind of like the Sci-Fi premise that this one has, so I wouldn't mind seeing it. Plus it has JT in it, which I'm sure the girlfriend will love! Now I just have to convince her. I'd still rather see Beowulf though.

Love in the time of Cholera - (From Rotten Tomatoes) Stone Village Pictures presents one of the greatest love stories ever told, based on the timeless masterpiece by Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez …Love in the Time of Cholera. Spanning a half-century in the complex, magical and sensual city of Cartagena, Colombia, the sweeping romantic epic tells the story of a man who waits over fifty years for his one true love. Academy Award nominee Javier Bardem stars as Florentino Ariza, who discovers his life’s passion when he sees Fermina Daza (Giovanna Mezzogiono) through the window of her father’s villa. Though Florentino’s letters awaken the young beauty’s subdued heart, her father (John Leguizamo) demands that she marry into one of Cartagena’s grand families and forbids her from seeing him. As years go by, Fermina marries the sophisticated and sensible Dr. Juvenal Urbino (Benjamin Bratt), who has brought order and medicine to Cartagena, stemming the waves of cholera that have mysteriously haunted the city. Juvenal sweeps her off to Paris for a lengthy honeymoon, and when they begin their life together back home, she has all but forgotten her first love. But Florentino has not forgotten her. Now a wealthy shipowner, Florentino engages in a series of affairs but still yearns for Fermina. His heart is patient, and he will wait a lifetime for the chance to be with her again.

How I think it will do - Now normally I write my own stuff for the movies, using information from other sites, but I knew so little about this one that I didn't really know what to say about it. That being said, it'll be really hard to say how this one will do. I think it'll do ok where it gets released, but having heard so little about it, I don't think many other people have as well, so it shouldn't put up huge numbers.

More Movies!!!! Limited Releases!!!

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That's all for now!! Definitely more to come later. I have so much that I still have to write about, it so hard to keep track sometimes. Hey if you're looking for more movie stuff, you can check me out over at Film School Rejects if you haven't gotten your fix of me yet! :-) But then please come back here and browse my archives! Over 120 posts!

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