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Friday, November 2, 2007

Money Saving Tip at the Movies!

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Everyone loves to save a buck at the movies. It is really expensive to see a movie nowadays. I've tried to pass tips before about how to save a bit when you go to the movies, for example buying discount tickets through AAA or your workplace, bringing in your own food, seeing a matinee or earlier show. But what about the big movie that you really want to see. Just came up on a tip that you guys might like to know about:

Buy one movie ticket using your Discover Card and get the second free! Visit Fandango now for your free movie ticket.

That's right people, if you have a Discover Card, you can buy one get one Free for movie tickets. That's not too bad a deal.. you're looking at $5.00 a ticket average! True.. you could visit me and I'd let you in for free, but this is pretty close, right? Plus I can't be everywhere at once. There are gonna be more offers that I'm going to get wind of later this month, so stay tuned for those. I'm sure that they'll be great!

Anyway, onto a disgruntled customer story. Well, it was more of an annoying thing that happened. I had just started my shift and got called over to the concession stand. Now keep in mind this was after a decent rush, and we hadn't had a chance to do anything yet. The staff member points towards me and an older woman looks at me. "He the manager?". My staff member nodded.

What does she say? "This place is filthy. How can you even be open?"

Excuse me? Popcorn on the floor? We didn't drop it. But yes, we'll clean it. Give us maybe a minute? I informed her that while we do try to keep up, it can be tough because we're trying to help guests first, and will clean up as soon as we can. Thought that might make her happy. Nope. She tells me that "obviously you're not trying hard enough."

I had no idea what to say at that point. So I walked away. And had someone sweep up. She acted as if we weren't gonna do it anyway. People drop popcorn, it's a common occurrence. This lady also made it a point to peer OVER the stand and mention that we had too much popcorn on the floor there too. Well, we can avoid that if we don't fill popcorns all the way up to the top. But then we're ripping people off too much! (Image courtesy of JWOD Catalog)

Just an example of how difficult it can be to please people....

That's all for now.. should be busy tonight! Check out that ticket deal if you can, I think it's a great promotion!

3 Comments Posted!:

whatagem said...

I tried to leave a comment on your webinfinity site...major issues!! I typed out my comment and the box that says, "Error 183 expecting object....Continue running script?" popped up over and over and over until it got to the point to where I had trouble even closing out the page!

Anyway, I read with great interest a few days ago about the online T-shirt shop. I've often dreamed of a real life T-shirt shop but who has that kinda money?

However, when I visited the site, I saw that visitors can create their own shirt for a flat $20--so why pay a store a commission? Couldn't you simply use someone else's design without going thru the middle man?

I was wondering if you might comment me on my blog, or email? The video game thing isn't working so great anymore and I have an entire notebook filled with shirt ideas--some too old to be smart anymore!

joen05 said...

Well... i guess that the real point of that is creating your own designs and putting them in the marketplace. Then people who use your designs will be charged a fee, and you will receive that commission. If you'd like to do that through my store, let me know, and I'll pass on the commissions to you if you'd like.

You could also set up your own store if you want!

whatagem said...

I mean the average joe (no pun intended) could simply retype a joke or something they've seen on a shirt in a shop.

For example, I could create a shirt store using the site and have a shirt that says "Dork".

What's to stop an individual without a store from simply ordering a shirt directly from the company with the print of "Dork"?

You get what I'm saying?

I also wanted to thank you for getting back with me so quickly. I've been checking out problogger and those sorts of things (i really liked your webinfinity site). I am learning a lot and my head is filling up. I'm afraid I'll be unable to tie my shoes a few days :-D

Though it would be worth it if I could quit my job. I could PAY someone to tie my shoes.