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Monday, October 22, 2007

Does Where You Live Affect What You See?

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First off, GO RED SOX. My boys made it to the World Series again. I'm pretty spoiled, as its been two times in four years, but that doesn't make me any less happy. I'll be sure to pick up a hat and a tshirt if they win the Series. You can do it boys.

Now onto the real subject of this post. The title is pretty self explanatory. Having more access to the numbers than the general reader, I can say that it does. I've had quite a few experiences where being located in or near Boston has affected what the general public is around here, in terms of movies. Most recently, this happened with Gone Baby Gone. This movie was pretty highly anticipated around here, and you can tell from the movie poster that it is based in Boston.

How much of an affect did this have? Well, my theatre was in the top 10 for grosses when it came to this particular film. Not that my theatre is usually terrible or anything, but we usually don't break the top 10 in the country for any movie. This has happened once before, and guess what movie it was? That's right, Fever Pitch. Great movie, by the way. Who would've thunk that a movie about the Red Sox would do the best in the Boston market? That's really strange, isn't it? ;-)

Have you ever found yourself watching a movie because it happened around where you live? I think it really does affect things. Now that I think about it, Mystic River did pretty well around the Boston area. Let me know!

Not too much happened to me this weekend, except for my boys making a near miracle comeback in the ALCS. Saw IV comes out this week. I'm excited.

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Deadpoolite said...

Well coming from a relative small place population wise and event wise I wouldn't say there is much chance of this happening:)

Still I can understand the appeal... For example when "300" came out the people of the town of Sparta were queuing to watch it like mad, simply because of the topic matter and the origin of the fighters. So yeah, it does seem to raise some additional interest to a local community if certain landmarks or events depicted in a motion picture are native to an area.

matt said...

Is there a typo in your title?

Daszzle said...

Hey Joen! You've been tagged for a meme by yours truly. It really has nothing to do with movies, however, if you're ever searching for something random to write about... I'm your girl. Please visit my site for details (I'm far too lazy to type them all out here ;).

joen05 said...

What typo, Matt? ;-)

Prin said...

Yeah, I watched (read: suffered) through The Red Violin because it was filmed here.. In the end, it wasn't so bad, but it definitely isn't worth it if you're waiting for that split second city shot at the end of the movie as they drive away. lol

The Score had quite a bit of Old Montreal in it too, so I had to see that. That wasn't as mind-numbingly intellectual as the Red Violin.. :D

And I'm done rambling. :D