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Monday, September 3, 2007

Sneaking... the wrong ways to do it

ShowHype: hype it up!
"Don't worry, we'll just sneak in."

I heard that so many times this weekend.

And I've figured out something.

People aren't good at sneaking around.

As I've mentioned before, my theatre is pretty harsh on the MPAA ratings policies.. and everyone that tries to get around them ends up being as inconspicuous as my buddy on the left here. Here's some of the things I noticed people doing as they were trying to sneak in, as well as some other random observations I noticed this weekend.

  • Buying a ticket to a movie they obviously didn't want to see. Like a group of 16 year old males buying tickets to The Nanny Diaries. Um.. I don't think so.
  • Wandering around the lobby, peering over edges and around corners to make sure that no one will check when they try to sneak by. Umm.. I've seen you at least 4 times now. And I remember your face. You're not getting in.
  • "Oops, I must've bought a ticket to the wrong movie, I wanted this one. I am old enough to see it." That's just bad.
  • My parents said it was ok. ::hands me cell phone:: "Hi ma'am, you said your son could see this movie? That's great, now just come here and watch it with him and I'll let him in. :-)"
  • Trying to get MY STAFF to get you FREE PASSES to a rated R movie 5 minutes AFTER I've turned you down. Hey buddy, you just ruined my staff member's free pass privileges. How do you feel now? I feel like a jerk doing it, but it had to be done. Sometimes I don't understand why they do it... free movies are such a good perk.. why risk losing it?
Now onto the random observations. You all remember my bootlegging post, right? Of course you do, you hang onto every word I write! ;-) Well today I was just sitting at the Customer Service counter, doing a bit of paperwork when I noticed a girl waving around a video camera walking into a theatre. Uhhh... is she serious? was the first thought in my mind. She came out a minute later to head to the bathroom. On her way back I stopped her and asked if that was a video camera she had on her. She said "yep!" I told her that she couldn't have it in the theatre.. so she gave it to her mom.. who first wanted me to hold it for them, (I said no, can't be responsible for that.) then brought it to the car, saying that it was just a school project.


Last I checked, schools were trying to keep kids OUT of trouble.

Another woman called about a lost cell phone.. which turned out to be an iPhone. Only she realized it 5 hours after her movie got over. HOW do you drop a $600 phone and NOT realize it? Maybe it is too sleek and small for its own good. lol.

People can't read times very well. I had a guest mistake a 10:05 AM show for a 10:05 PM. I guess its not THAT bad, but when your times read 10:05 3:15 8:20 and its 10 PM.. why would you think its 10:05 PM? Unless we have a 3:15 AM I didn't know about, in which case I closed up shop WAY too early and need to head back now!

Well that's all for now. I'm tired. Looks like my last post wasn't too popular. I guess people don't like trying to get free things as much as I had hoped. Oh well, that spike I got from Stumbleupon was nice.. I was kinda hoping for the same from Digg! Happy Labor Day Folks!

11 Comments Posted!:

Skittle said...

Oh, I remember the good ole days of sneaking into R rated movies. I actually only snuck into 1, got caught, but since one of the guys with us was 17, they let us all in. Crazy, huh?

Sorry about the diggs last post, when I realized you had to register I decided really I was registered for quite enough these days!

Steven said...

I think people are pretty dumb!!!!

what has happened to honesty in this world of ours???


Deadpoolite said...

Sorry I havent been around much lately I have been busy.

Good fun read as always dude (I am sure this comment was less cliched than the Haloween remake... ok marginally less cliched but still...LOL).

As for the girl, maybe just maybe you killed off the hopes and aspirations of "the next Spielberg' in the making, so you got to live with your guilt now for a grand total of 5 seconds:). It is just funny that people actually try to stupidly justify something like that to a third party:)

I mean surely, " I was abducted by aliens and they stuffed this camera up my aaaasssss while experimenting on me" has way more credibility that what she said to you...LOL.

Then again... maybe not:)

Later dude and keep up the good posting!

MandyPoo said...

I, unlike my deviant sister Skittle, actually never snuck into a movie...ever! (Props to me. I'm a movie manager's dream). Not to say I never thought about it...just that I never actually did it. Then again, they never really asked our age to get into a movie, so I never had to try. :o)

Oh, and I haven't been internet surfing much this weekend, so I'm going to read your last post now. (I know, that is backwards, huh?)

matt said...

I snuck into a movie this weekend.

joen05 said...

Damn you Matt! You're putting me out of business! Why not just enter my contest and get a free movie maybe ;-)

starttothink said...

Wow, people are really dumb.
A movie camera into the theater?
She wasn't Ms. Teen South Carolina, was she?

Calista said...

I like to read your "insider's stories".
U r good manager!

Hey, of course I remember your bootlegging story.
Bootlegging is so "popular" around me:(
We have saying;
"Opportunity makes the thief"

...some people have too much choices.

Good work, my friend!

joen05 said...

Haha, I was not happy at all the night this happened.. lol. Hopefully some people read this and think twice about what they are going to do at the movies!

Ex AMC Employee said...

I found your blog through StumbleUpon and it didnt take me long at all to figure out you work at an AMC theatre. Am i right? Personally I hated that place. there were two managers I had issues with and ended up with me being let go.

One of my favorite things there was stopping kids from seeing R movies. Call it jerkish, but the one joy I had was taking away the little 12 year old's plans for the day. "You're seeing Team America? wheres your parent?"
"oh shes in the bathroom"
"well you can stand here with me until she gets here."
"........(walks away)"

Anyhow, about the girl bringing a camera for school, my sister used to take a digital media class and she had to make a project, and she wanted to make a cheesy over-the-top commercial advertising working at AMC. She was smart however and asked the GM for approval, but after she found out the home office would take over a month to approve it she decided to do something else. So it is possible, but you're right, it probably is bullplop.

joen05 said...

@Ex AMC employee, you're right. I try to make it somewhere where people would like to work.. not to hard, but just enough to get work done. If you think AMC is bad, try working for Regal. I did that. blech.

I also enjoy being able to remove people who try to sneak into R-rated movies. Some of the excuses they give are priceless. Hope you come back!