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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let's Make Someone Famous: Mrs. Mandypoo!

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We're off to our second edition of making someone famous. This week, we've got Skittle's sister, Mrs. Mandypoo. Mrs Mandypoo actually has three different blogs, one by her name, one about recipies, and one about her new baby, which will be updated after he or she is born! For the purpose of this though, we'll focus on her main blog, the one by her name!

Mrs. Mandypoo's got a lot going on in her life! She writes about so much stuff. As I write this blog entry, she's written a blog about one of her favorite TV shows, Scrubs! About to be a new mom, she offers quite a few looks at things she may be getting, such as beds and clothes. She's also introduced us to a few other members of her family.

Overall, she's got a great looking site, with a nice custom header, and a bright theme. Very upbeat, and fun to read! She's also got a really cool animation showing the progress of her pregnancy. Always a good read, I stop on by expecting to laugh or smile, or to find a video to watch! She's also tried several monetizing methods on her site, like mine!

So let's head on by and give Mrs. Mandypoo some congratulations on becoming famous! Again, let me know if you want to be featured!

4 Comments Posted!:

Deadpoolite said...

Hmmm... I like the style of her blog both writing wise and visually.

I guess Mrs Mandypoo will be having some blogging alerts.... ahem... visits from "Mr DP" in the near future.

Poor gal, look the insanity you just unleashed upon her Joen05, it is all your fault after all:)

Later dude!

MandyPoo said...

YAY me! It feels so good to be famous! ;o)

Skittle said...

I have to say it is nice to be famous...glad she could join me :)

On a side note, I thought I would let you know that I have found myself visiting daily...see, now your famous!

Skittle said...

Ha ha...I just mispelled you're!