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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday!

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Just throwing a Happy birthday shout out to my little sis! She turns the big 15 today! I've still got to get your gift though, sis. It'll come as soon as this site pays me. Right sis? Just kidding, I'll be getting it to ya.. don't worry. Hey readers, why don't we all stop by her blog today to wish her happy birthday! Intermission at Home.

I wish they could always stay this cute:
Happy Birthday!!!!!!

5 Comments Posted!:

Skittle said...

I can definately relate to the parents reaction to an interracial relationship. Neither of my parents were happy about it. My mom now really likes him, my dad...well, he likes him, he just doesn't want me marrying him! :)

Calista said...

I'll visit your sister's blog to say;
'Happy birthday'

To u my friend,
I like the changes u made.
U really work hard and I hope u earn some money of blogging.


Deadpoolite said...

Happy birthday to your sis!

All the best!

Later dude.

matt said...

Will I get a birthday wish on my bday?

joen05 said...

Absolutely Matt, just let me know when it is!