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Saturday, September 1, 2007

A bunch of minor frustrations...but an ok night!

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Quite the hectic evening at work tonight! Definitely not busy, but it really feels that way when not enough people are working. Part of the problem with movie theatres these days.. gotta do less with more. At least the coffee I had was good tonight, gave me the energy to make it through.... and is keeping me up at this hour now. lol.

The big hit tonight was.... Halloween! It's what I expected, but it didn't really do all that well either. Bourne Ultimatum had a strong showing, but that's because we were checkin IDs for all of our Rated R movies ;-).

Only a couple of frustrations tonight! Well, I usually try not to let stuff get to me anyway. BUT I am convinced that our security guard is crazy. He stands in the middle of foot traffic and shines his flashlight in people's faces asking them for their tickets and IDs for R-rated movies, which is great! The problem is, he doesn't read the ticket OR check the date on the ID!!! What is the point if you're just gonna say thanks as soon as they put their hand in their pockets. I had to stop a few groups of 15 year olds after he let them through! To add to that, he is extremely confrontational AND HUMS TO HIMSELF MID CONVERSATION. Blah. I'd feel safer without a security guard if they're gonna be like him. I think he is crazy... cuckoo in the head. He also feels the need to tell me that he'll be looking around in the movie that's gonna get out last. Dude... just tell me if you're going to watch a movie. You're not that useful for anything else anyway.. lol.

Checking IDs and turning people away is a bit frustrating when the kids like to make a big deal about it.. but its not that bad. What I don't get its people's obsession with messing around with the bathrooms! I've had to deal with so many clogged toilets cuz of paper towels in them, or the roll of toilet paper thrown in them... and that's not even mentioning the real clog issues that people sometimes cause. Actually, that's not bad either, I can deal with that. But when I put an "Out of Order" sign on a stall door... what does that tell you?

Apparently.. the answer is "Let's go use that one!"

Needless to say, I had a flooded toilet that took about a half hour to drain and clean out. You can't pay me enough to feel like I should be doing that on a weekly basis. I am no plumber! And if I have to be like one... I should get paid like one right? hehe. Moral of the story is: OUT OF ORDER MEANS OUT OF ORDER!

There was one nice guy who I had a nice conversation with while I was cleaning up in there. He even held the door for me when I was moving the cleaning supplies out. Why can't everyone be like that? I felt like comping everything for him.. but he was gone before I mentioned it. Maybe next time, mysterious nice guest!

On a side note, stumbleupon appears to bring in more people than digging, from what I can tell. Anyone feel like stumbling or digging me? I digg me, but guess that's not good enough. Off to try to sleep... got an idea for a contest, will post about it tomorrow!

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Paper Fan Club said...

All of the family movies have gone and dried up until the Holiday Season now, hmm? Looks like we're taking the kiddies to a second-run theatre tonight... (or get a babysitter and see something R-rated!)