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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Web Surfing

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I've just noticed a little trend in how many hits my blog receives in a day. I obviously get more hits when I post, but my hits seem to go WAY down on the weekend, WAY up on Monday, down on Tuesday, Up again on Wednesday, and then kinda levels off until Friday. It reminds me of trends that hit when people go to the movies, except that the trend leans more towards the weekend than during the week. Do people really have more time to surf the web during the week? Or do they just spend all their weekends at the movies, so they HAVE to surf during the week?

Saturday is an off day at the movies for me. (Not a huge fan of working 7 days a week) I did pay a visit to one though, and it was BUSY. Boston Common Theatre, if you're wondering. It was all for Bourne, so that's a good indication that I need to see it, in addition to recommendations that I've gotten here and what I've seen at my theatre.

So instead of the movies, I went to the beach today. Ate at Kelly's Roast Beef and Seafood for the first time. The scallops were incredible. Pretty damn good roast beef too. I think I ate too much, but I can definitely see why they're so popular. Food seems to be pretty important in my life too. Two of my favorite TV shows are Phantom Gourmet and Hell's Kitchen! I guess if I didn't write about movies I could try food. I'm not the greatest cook though, but I'd love to try new recipies if you have any suggestions.

Annnd the least exciting part of my day now. Went to the dentist. Got my teeth gouged at, and now my gums still hurt. I really don't think you need to make me bleed that much in order to make sure my teeth are clean. I'm so glad that's only twice a year.

Anyway, I'm off for now, more most likely on Monday since I have to work late tomorrow night!

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Deadpoolite said...

Hi there! Just stating a presence at the moment since you visited my blog and all. I'll be leaving for 10+ days for some much needed vacation so not much blogging for me in the next week or so. Still, I wanted to tell ya that when I get back I'll be sure to catch up with your blog and all. Really like the easy going flow of it by the way!

Keep up the good posting and talk to ya soon!

Calista said...

So where is my comment? I'm sure...
Never mind.

Your gums are ok?
Now u can try something really tasty and healthy, something vegetarian?

Reading your posts, I don't bother going to the cinema.
Ur so informative!

Like the change u did.


matt said...

Oh I get the same trend on my blog also. The weekends are pretty lame for some hits. I don't even get on that thing for the weekend. I just do it during the week to keep me busy at work. It works too.

Calista said...

Hi pal, of course I have suggestion, just don't know what u like?

If pasta, than whole wheat.
I like pasta too.
Pasta, tomato sauce, stewed vegetables, oregano and cheese are my choice!

I'm getting hungry right now.

Daszzle said...

I really wish I had added Bourne to my fantasy studio. Alas, that little fantasy game is not feeding my needs to constant checking for changes- since it has yet to change at all. Still undecided on my feelings towards it... yours?

joen05 said...

I actually thought it would work a little differently, in that you would choose what your theatre would have every week, kinda like what happens at a regular movie theatre. I think that would make a better premise for a game. Maybe I'll try running something like that here?