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Saturday, July 28, 2007

WEEKLY UPDATE: At the Movies!

ShowHype: hype it up!

Don't worry, no spoilers here! I got to watch the end of The Simpsons movie last night, and there is some stuff worth watching during the credits. It's pretty funny actually, so if you can stay, I would definitely stay for it. I'm going to be watching the movie myself hopefully today. Animated films always seem to find a way to get the audience to stay.

It was pretty busy last night, but surprisingly, there were no complaints. I think that when its busier people have less time to find something to complain about, which is good for me!

Well I got kicked off the internet before I could finish this post last time, and in that time I've managed to see the movie itself. I thought it was pretty good actually, though it started off stronger than it ended. Overall a good watch, definitely worth the time. Crowd reaction to the movie was excellent, there was almost never a time when there was nobody laughing. The atmosphere was great! The theatre I saw it at was also pretty full, though I arrived early and got the seats I wanted. As some of you mentioned, I did have to go to the bathroom during the movie, but I made sure my seats were extremely close to a bathroom (upstairs, that no one uses), so that wasn't a problem. Just one of the tricks working at a theatre gets ya. :-P

If you've seen the movie, I'd like to know what you thought of it! What you liked, didn't like, and how your theatre experience was in general!

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Technodoll said...

I wonder what all the fuss is about... I mean the simpsons have been around forever, how can a "movie" be different than the weekly episodes? Maybe I'm jaded about cartoons, don't like them very much and find the simpsons so passé, so retardedly simplistic and moronic... don't mean to sound like an old grouch, that,s just my opinion. I change the tv channel when S shows up, no way would i ever give a dime to see them in a movie or anything. Can someone explain to me what the attraction is? LOL! :)

joen05 said...

If you want to come to my theatre you can see it for free! That way you won't have to give a dime :-). You are right, this could have been a double-header on TV, but making it a movie did bring people in.

I like reading opinions, so keep them coming!

SUBHK said...

I agree with technodoll. The Simpsons already can't keep me interest to finish a tv episode; so for sure would also not be spending my money on going to see this movie.

matt said...

I've just never been into the simpson that much. guess it was because mom didn't let me watch it as a kid. they said dirty words.

joen05 said...

I wasn't allowed to watch it as a kid either, but I had the opposite reaction.. watching it over at friend's places, and I really got into it! That might be just me though.

Technodoll said...

I do however get a kick out of South Park and The Family Guy. Maybe I'm just super-twisted, LOL!

Thanks for the invite... I'd love to watch a free movie for once in my life :-o You do have awesome perks. Hmm. Am I in the wrong business? (goes off to think... )

joen05 said...

It's not all glamour, but the perks are nice. If you're ever in the boson area, let me know and I'll see what I can do about getting you some free tickets!

whatagem123 said...

I haven't see it yet!! Everyone is expecting me to go just cuz I have a collection. I think I can wait for the DVD though...I just hate going to the theater Anyone know how long it is?

Check out my collection here:

joen05 said...

The Movie itself is about an hour and a half long, then there are previews, so maybe an hour and 45 minutes at the longest! Seems like a lot of people have problems with going to the movies, I'll have to write an entry about that later!