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Friday, December 14, 2007

My Biggest Critic

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You might be wondering who this is. Is it Matt? Is it Mrs-Mandypoo? How about Skittle? Well.. those people have actually been pretty supportive of me. So its definitely not them, lol. Having a critic is not always a bad thing. Where would we be without critics to help us form ideas on movies before we go see them? Siskel and Ebert, and now Ebert and Roper are essential to some people. They're always at least good for a laugh, or a nice review.

That being said, my biggest critic is my lovely girlfriend. She reads my blog on an irregular basis, and while I was stuck in traffic on the way to work, she offered up some criticism. She said that I need to have some better posts. I agree. So I asked her what she wanted to hear about on the blog. She said that I should include the stories I have of kicking people out of theatres, and other fun customer service issues. That's all well and good... unfortunately I haven't had any huge issues recently. I think its the holidays coming, people have been more tame.

So, do you agree with her? I'm always open to criticism, as any good movie should be, right? Let me know what you think. Like I said before, criticism is not always a bad thing. Learn to make it work for you. I hope that you will provide some so that I can become a better blogger!

If you've made it this far, how about some of my favorite responses on the phone that I've never used? (The "Movie Theatre is Closed" edition)
  • Are you open? - "I answered the phone, didn't I?" - Can also be replaced with "Nope, they just pay me to sit here and answer the phone."
  • Hello, thank you for calling! Unfortunately, I have no staff here due to the blizzard, so NO, we are not open.
  • Wow you guys are open? - Yes. I dragged my butt out of my house, shoveled the driveway, and drove here to show you and 5 other people a movie. Your shock that I am here does not help my mood.
I just hope that one of those doesn't actually come out one of these days. lol. You ever had any funny responses to the phone at work?

5 Comments Posted!:

matt said...

You can pay me the money you earn from your blog to write posts. The only probablem is that they'll be 10 times worse than yours.

Anonymous said...

Your girl is right. I like reading your movie reviews, but the theater stuff is more interesting. Like how your kick people out and stuff.

Deadpoolite said...

Was this really a suggestion on her behalf or she had to chase you around the house with a stick to convince you about the error of your ways?

This question will haunt my dreams till... till...well, till the next time I comment over here really:)

The thing is, beyond any doubt the posts that have more of YOU in them are the ones derived from personal experiences and thus are more original and interesting.In that respect your girlfriend has a point. This is why personal blogs are so exciting to read in the first place.

What matters most is that you enjoy what you write about regardless of topic area.


Fletch said...

I like your balance of reviews, upcoming news and theater stories.

If you're asking for criticism, and you twisted my arm, I would only wish that your page was a little cleaner or organized. With so many widgets and/or ads, there isn't a lot of white space. But that's just picking nits, and a brother's gotta make some cash (like say, from your new sponsor :) ).

Keep on keeping on...

joen05 said...

I'm glad I got some of you going on this one...

I want to clean up the page, but its kinds difficult to organize things using blogger... I'm considering moving this to wordpress.

Thanks for all the suggestions though! Hopefully you'll see some cleaning up :-)