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Friday, December 21, 2007

Movies this Weekend!

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I'm sorry about the late update folks, but I've been going out to a lot of holiday parties with people from the day job. As I am still a bit strapped for time.. here's the trailers for the movies that are coming out this weekend (wide release). Let me know if you like this format better!

National Treasure 2:

P.S. I Love You

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story -

Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street:

Charlie Wilson's War:

I think I did that in record time. Hopefully there are still readers/viewers here. I've heard nothing but good things for National Treasure 2... so I think that ones the one to check out this weekend. I've got a nice customer story for you guys too.. that'll come when I get some more time!

4 Comments Posted!:

Skittle said...

I did a review on I am Legend. It's probably not very good, but you are welcome to use it if you wish. If not, I promise you won't hurt my feelings.

I hope to get to see National Treasure this weekend! It looks so good, and I loved the first one.

Calista*Was*Here said...

I stop by to say;

Happy Holiday Season!

joen05 said...

Hey Skittle.. I'm going to be linking up to your review, you deserve the credit for writing it! I haven't seen it yet myself.

Thanks Calista! Decided to come back yet?

Eyerex said...

Can't wait for National Treasure 2 to open in the Uk as loved the first movie