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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Movies This Weekend!

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Hey, we've finally got a slew of movies coming out, a couple of which I am actually interested in! This is a bit late, but I fell asleep, so please forgive me. Let's see... where do we start...

Edit: I can't seem to get an internet connection... so this is later than planned.

Alvin and the Chipmunks - Alvin and his buddies make their live action debut with the help of CGI. They help cause mischief in the life of their guardian, Dave Seville (Jason Lee). What better than a bunch of talking chipmunks??

How I think it will do - This one definitely appeals to the kid in me. I just can't wait to hear 'ALLLLVIIIIIN' screamed about on the big screen. And they did a really good job integrating the CGI chipmunks. This movie looks to be really cute. Let's just hope that it does better than Garfield, right? I'm giving this one second this weekend, but it should do ok through the holidays!

I Am Legend - Will Smith plays a brilliant scientist who cannot stop a deadly virus that has either mutated or killed most of mankind. Somehow immune, he is the last living person that he has seen for the past 3 years, and must work to find a cure for the disease using his own immune blood.

How I think it will do - This one is my pick for tops this weekend. There is so much hype behind this movie, and who kicks butt on aliens or mutants better than Will Smith? With some good reviews already behind it, let's just hope that Will Smith ruining the ending doesn't affect its performance at the box office. I don't think that it should, but hey, some people are really picky about those kinds of things. My top choice movie this weekend.

Perfect Christmas - A feel good movie about Christmas, this one stars Gabrielle Union as a single mother of three, who is so busy raising her kids she forgets to take care of herself. Determined to have a good Christmas, she brings her kids to meet Santa. One of her kids is determined to make her mom happy again, and tells Santa that all she wanted was a compliment from a man. Santa turns out to be an office supply worker who provides Union's character with that, and much more.

How I think it will do - This is like I said, a feel good Christmas movie. It will appeal to the african american crowd as its aimed, and also to those looking for a christmas movie. Think Diary of a Mad Black Woman but at christmastime! :-)

Of course there are other movies opening this weekend. Once again we've got a large slew of limited releases.

Half Moon
The Kite Runner
Goodbye Bafana
Youth without Youth
Changing the Odds
Shotgun Stories

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