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Monday, December 17, 2007

A little good, a little bad

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That pretty much describes my day today. Work wasn't bad, I managed to fix a few issues that were ongoing, which was good. Had a good lunch, I like lasagna. :-) Then afterwards my group went to go build gingerbread houses, which was a ton of fun. I also ate too many brownies while we were doing that and I feel bloated. I have pictures of the houses, but they are in my work email. I will post them when I forward them to myself. I'm really thinking that I should have done that before coming home and realizing this... You'll have to settle for the generic one that I found for now.

After work, I finished up my Christmas shopping. That was fun. It's always better when you know what you're going to get. It makes it quick and painless. I think I did a pretty good job this year, all I have left to get is a gas card for the adopt-a-family thing that my group is doing. Feels good to help out other people! Even though my car needs to be fed. lol. I found out that I really enjoy driving around, blasting the radio/ipod in my car, and singing along. That's right... singing. I don't sing in front of people very often, but I sing my heart out in the car... :-P.

So I guess that there was a lot more good than I thought. There is still a little bad though. It's an ongoing personal issue that really affects me quite deeply. I've been told many times that it shouldn't, and I've considered it sometimes... that it shouldn't. However, it continues to affect me, and I don't know how long its going to. It's no medical issue or anything really that serious, but I can get too into things sometimes. I have a good memory too, which doesn't help. Life isn't easy though, so I keep on truckin. This blog certainly helps. Just typing these thoughts out is pretty theraputic.

Anyway, I hope that your holiday shopping is going well. Do you find Christmas/Holiday shopping fun? (That was me being PC right there :-D)

On an unrelated note, don't drink coffee at 10:30 PM. You won't be able to sleep. I feel wired...

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